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Balvenie launches 17 year old SherryOak Cask

September 20th, 2007

William Grant has been introducing new, limited edition releases of Balvenie over the past decade as 17 year old releases (i.e., Islay Cask, New Oak, etc.). The newest one, just being released, is a 17 year old sherry cask matured gem. It is aged entirely in sherry casks; this isn’t a sherry cask finish whisky.

The scoop from my friends at William Grant:

“There exist only a couple of examples of The Balvenie matured solely in sherry casks – most famously Cask 191 – a 50 year old which yielded just 83 bottles in 2002 and was enjoyed by a privileged few. The Oloroso sherry casks (for this new release) were filled and laid down in Warehouse 21 over 17 years ago. The result pays homage to the cask’s southern Spanish origins – a rich and intense single malt, characterized by mixed spice and sweet sherry fruitiness.”

The whisky will retail for $90. I received a sample already and tasted it informally. It is quite delicious. Formal review to follow shortly.

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