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New Auchentoshan and Bowmore whiskies

September 25th, 2007

It must be autumn, because new whiskies from keep rolling out in time for the cold weather (and holiday season). Next up: Morrison Bowmore Distillers is introducing two new Auchentoshan whiskies. The first one, from 28 bourbon barrels, is a 16 year old, cask strength, non-chillfiltered Auchentoshan. It is set to retail for $120. The second Auchentoshan is a 1965 vintage 40 year old, with a $1,500 price tag.

Not to be outdone by Auchentoshan, there’s two new Bowmore whiskies heading your way. The first is the third of a trilogy. It’s a 16 year old, port wood matured, cask strength 1991 vintage. (The previous ones being 1989 bourbon matured Bowmore and 1990 sherry cask matured Bowmore.) They’re from 26 port pipes and will retail for $100. The second one is a resurrection of the now famous Black Bowmore. It’s from the original batch that were first released over 10 years ago. This one is 42 years old and will set you back a hefty $4,000.

I am staring at samples of the Auchentoshan 16 and 40 year old, and the Bowmore 16 year old, so I’ll post my reviews as soon as I get a chance to taste them.

Breaking news:This just in from my Morrison Bowmore Distillers contact:

“I’m afraid we’ve had a production set-back involving the new single malts I sent you last week.  They were supposed to be in stores by October, and now

it looks like January 1. (Ditto with Black Bowmore,)  The whisky is ready, but there’s a delay due to the box manufacturer. “

Looks like there will be no new Auchentoshans or Bowmores under the Christmas tree this year–unless you want to ask for a bottle of the new Bowmore 18 year old that was released earlier this year. One could do worse. Much worse.

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