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BenRiach releases Batch #4 of single cask bottlings

October 12th, 2007

Those creative guys at BenRiach are at it again. They recently announced their fourth in a series of single cask bottlings. All vary in age, peating levels, and types of finishes. But they all have one common thread: they’re all hand-numbered and bottled at cask-strength with natural color and are not chill-filtered. Here are the details:

1975 cask 4451, 31YO, port pipe, lightly peated / port finish
1976 cask 4469, 30YO, port pipe, richly peated / port finish
1978 cask 4413, 29YO, Moscatel barrel, lightly peated /Moscatel finish
1978 cask 4416, 29YO, Tokaji wine barrel, lightly peated / Tokaji finish
1984 cask 4049, 22YO, port hogshead, richly peated / port finish
1985 cask 3766, 21YO, Oloroso butt, richly peated /Oloroso finish
1994 cask 26, 13YO, port hogshead, richly peated / port finish

Incidentally, I already tasted and reviewed Cask #4469 in the current issue of Malt Advocate magazine, where I rated it a 90. A very nice whisky, but it’s going to set you back $400. For more information regarding pricing, availability, etc., you can email Alistair Walker at:

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