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October 27th, 2007

I want to thank everyone who provided feedback on my query asking you how I was doing so far with the blog. I was overwhelmed with the response. I appreciate your suggestions on how I can improve the blog, and I would like to address each one individually.

1) Include pictures

I have the ability to include pictures and will do so when it is appropriate. Problem is, sometimes the information I provide you is so fresh and new, the whisky companies still don’t even have artwork created. That’s the price you pay for cutting edge news.

2) Allow comments

I admit that the blog, at this time, is a one-way street. My schedule is so busy, that it is a huge commitment of my time just to post on the blog, let alone monitor and manage comments. In the future, I do plan on opening the blog up for comments, because I think it is important for you to express your thoughts and feelings. (Plus, I am certain that I can learn from what you have to say.)

For now, I think the most important thing is that I get a new posting to you on a (near) daily basis, and this is where I am focusing all of my efforts. There’s so much rattling around in my brain, I have to let it out or my head will explode!

3) Mention/review more whiskies in a reasonable price range

What, you can’t afford those Double Barrel Ardbegs at $20,000 a pop? You need to get a new job! All kidding aside, your suggestion is duly noted, as you will notice by my most recent post on Redbreast 15 year old.

4) Include formal reviews

Sorry, but I reserve all formal reviews for the Buyer’s Guide section in Malt Advocate magazine. This blog is meant to complement Malt Advocate magazine, not trump it. I will, however, provide informal opinions on whiskies as appropriate.

I have to get ready for WhiskyFest New York, which takes place this Tuesday at the Marriott Marquis on Times Square in NYC, so I better close.  Thanks again everyone for your excellent feedback.

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