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Skyy to import Morrison Bowmore whiskies

November 19th, 2007

If you’re wondering why Santa won’t be bringing all those new Bowmore and Auchentoshan whiskies with him on his sleigh this year to the U.S., I have the answer. Forget what we were told about there being a delay due to a box manufacturer. The real reason for the delay is that Morrison Bowmore Distillers (MBD) will have a new importer, effective January 1st, 2008. MBD understandably doesn’t want to introduce new whiskies during an importer transition.

The new importer is Skyy Spirits. Skyy is a very logical choice for three reasons:

  1. The MBD whiskies (Bowmore, Auchentoshan, Glengarioch) fit in nicely with the the Scotch whisky Skyy already imports: The Glenrothes. The portfolio will now consist of Lowland, Highland, Speyside, and Islay whiskies.
  2. Skyy already imports Suntory Yamazaki whisky. MBD is owned by Suntory, so there already is a connection between Suntory and Skyy.
  3. The quality of all the whiskies is comparable.

With any luck, the new alliance will increase the distribution and availability of the MBD whiskies, making them easier for us to locate and buy. According to my contact on the PR side of MDB, we should expect the new releases (Bowmore 1991, 16 year old Port Matured; Auchentoshan 18 year old Bourbon Matured; Auchentoshan 1965, 40 year old; and the new 42 year old Black Bowmore) by the first week of February.

Christmas in February, anyone?

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