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Goodbye Jura 21 yr. old, hello Jura 18 yr. old

November 29th, 2007

Willie Tait of Whyte & Mackay informed me a few days ago that Isle of Jura 21 year old is being phased out, and an 18 year old will be replacing it. Here’s what Willie had to say about it:

We are changing from a Jura 21 yr. to a Jura 18 yr. This will have no effect on the 16 yr. The range will be 10, 16, 18 and Superstition.

The reason for this change is quite simple, we don’t have the stocks to continue the 21 yr. The change has already come about in the UK, although the US market, still has existing stocks of the 21 yr. We have pledged that there are certain amounts of 21 yr. in our Superstition bottling and we would like this practice to carry on.

The 18 yr. is quite an exciting venture. It’s very different from the 16 yr. and the 21 yr. It’s spicier. I like these middle aged spirits; they are more exciting on the palate.

So there you go. You heard it directly from the man! Those in the U.S. who like their Jura 21 should go out and buy a bottle before they disappear. (Personally, while I liked the nose on the 21 yr., I always felt that it was a wee bit heavy on the sherry.)

One Response to “Goodbye Jura 21 yr. old, hello Jura 18 yr. old”

  1. John Hansell says:

    Update! The importers of Jura might not bring in the Jura 18 after the Jura 21 stocks are depleted. They might opt for a non-age statement expression, similar to Superstition. I am getting this information directly from the importer. The concern is that the 18 yr. old is too close to the exisiting 16 yr. old, which is a valid point. Stay tuned…

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