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New releases from Blackadder

November 30th, 2007

Joe Howell of Federal Wine and Spirits in Boston (current importers of Blackadder) just let me know about all the new Blackadder whiskies coming into the U.S. Here’s the list, including a bunch of Blackadder “Raw Casks”:

Aberlour  17 Y.O.  46%
Auchroisk 18 Y.O. 46%
Blairfindy  31 Y.O. 43%
Raw Cask Auchroisk 18 Y.O.- 60.9%
Raw Cask Balmenach 17 Y.O. – 52.9%(Sherry)
Raw Cask Balmenach 17 Y.O. – 57.4%
Raw Cask Blairfindy     31 Y.O. – 48.7%(Sherry)
Raw Cask Lochranza  11 Y.O. – 53.6%
Raw Cask Glenrothes 17 Y.O. – 57.7%(Sherry Finish)
Raw Cask Jura             14 Y.O. 55.6%
Raw Cask Linkwood   17 Y.O. – 56.0%(Sherry)
Raw Cask Lochside    26 Y.O. – 55.8%
Raw Cask Macallan    15 Y.O. – 63.1%
Raw Cask Mortlach     17 Y.O. – 58.4%(Sherry)
Raw Cask Strathisla    17 Y.O. – 62.7%
Raw Cask Glenury Royal 34 Y.O. 47.7%

Those of you who want to get your grubby little fingers on some of these, but can’t find them, can reach out to Joe directly:  He’s a great guy and always helpful.

One Response to “New releases from Blackadder”

  1. Jason says:

    The Blackadder Aberlour 17y.o. is perhaps the finest whisky I have ever tasted. It’s a bit pricey for some (a little over $100) but… just amazing.

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