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Weekly “Picks and Pans” begins this Friday

December 5th, 2007

I’ve reviewed so many whiskies in the past month or so that I have completed the reviews for the 1st Quarter 2008 issue of Malt Advocate magazine and am well into the 2nd Quarter issue’s reviews. They are almost entirely new product releases which I am sure you are curious about.

This got me to thinking. Instead of the reviews staying dormant for weeks (if not months) in my Word file, why not at least get some of the more interesting reviews out where they can do some good right now? So, that’s what I’m going to do.

Starting with this Friday, and continuing every Friday after that, I will post a “Picks and Pans” review. Each whisky will be one that has not yet been reviewed in Malt Advocate. I don’t just want to limit it to the whiskies I think are good. There might be one I don’t like. I want to have the option of  letting you know about that one too, so you can avoid it.

I am fortunate enough to get these whiskies far in advance, so I might as well share at least some of the reviews with you while you’re waiting for your next issue of Malt Advocate to arrive. Plus, you can comment, so it should be fun. (Don’t cancel your subscription to Malt Advocate just yet. With close to 40 reviews in each issue and only 12 weeks separating each issue, I’ll only be able to post a fraction of the reviews here on my blog.)

So, Friday it is then.

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