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Six days to the new Black Bowmore

January 29th, 2008

I don’t normally announce when I’m going to taste a new whisky. But then again, they usually don’t cost $4,500 and carry such a legendary name as “Black Bowmore.”

This Monday, in New York City, I’ll be with Iain McCallum, Bowmore’s Whiskymaker, and Jimmy Robertson, Bowmore’s U.S. Brand Ambassador. The purpose of our meeting is to taste the new Black Bowmore, which is about to be introduced.  They tell me that I’ll be the first one in the U.S. to taste this whisky. So, now you know why I am counting the days.

I still fondly recall the original Black Bowmore trio, distilled the same time as this new release, on November 6, 1964. Those were bottled in 1993, 1994 and 1995. Back then, a bottle only cost around $300–or at least that’s what I paid in Chicago for my bottle of the first release.

That bottle is long gone now. I remember the night I opened it. My wife was watching the Tony awards, and we were in a very boring stretch of it. It was sort of a spontaneous thing. I still don’t know why I picked that bottle, but I did. And I put a decent dent into it. (The show ran late.)

I loved that whisky so much, the night I opened it was the only time I ever drank it alone. From then on, I always shared it. It was the proper thing to do.

So here we are,  more than a dozen years later. Bowmore decides to release a 42 year old version from the same lot. And I have the privilege to taste it. How will it taste? As good as the original three? Better? Worse? I don’t have any more from my original bottle, so, unless there is a collector/drinker out there who has a sample and wants to send it to me, I will have to rely on memory. (The distillery doesn’t even have samples from the original bottlings for us to compare.)

So I will have to bide my time until then. I think I can find one or two things to drink in the meantime to keep me entertained. But I can’t help getting a bit excited about the whole thing.

Naturally, I will pass on my thoughts to you right here when I get back to my hotel room that night–or the first thing the next morning if the evening goes a little late. (I get this feeling that there will be additional Bowmore whiskies to drink that night, and I don’t want to get a TUI–typing while under the influence.) 

2 Responses to “Six days to the new Black Bowmore”

  1. Tanguy LeGuyader says:

    After all those years you must have a very large collection of bottles. Why not share with us a nice picture of your display.

  2. John Hansell says:

    Tanguy, I would need a VERY wide angle lens. –John

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