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A rare release of Kininvie

February 26th, 2008

In about one month, William Grant will release a very limited bottling of Kininvie. It is, as far as I know, the first bottling of Kininvie offered to the general public.

Kininvie, for those of you not familiar, is the youngest (and least known) of three malt whisky distilleries located on the same property as Glenfiddich (the third being Balvenie). Kininvie is not know by most whisky drinkers because the distillery is less than 20 years old and the whisky is used for blending purposes.

 At the end of March, 500 bottles of 17 year old Kininvie will be offered for sale to celebrate the Heathrow’s new Terminal 5 building. The whisky, aged in sherry casks and bottled at natural cask strength, will be called Hazelwood Reserve and sold in the World of Whiskies shops at the airport for the not-so-inexpensive price of about $700.

According to the press release I received, “Hazelwood Reserve honors the extraordinary contribution of Janet Sheed Roberts to the family company. Janet, granddaughter to founder William Grant, will be celebrating her 107th birthday this August. Since 1933, she has lived at Hazelwood House, close to The Kininvie Distillery in Speyside, which she proudly opened in 1990.”

The press release continues to go on to describing the whisky as having “a nutty aroma, with notes of dried fruit and an intense flavour of oaky spice.”

So, all of you who keep asking me what to buy in Travel Retail (formerly Duty Free) when passing through Heathrow, here’s one to consider. If you do buy a bottle, you can be pretty sure that you’ll be the only kid on the block with a bottle of Kininvie. (As long as you don’t live on my block, that is…) 

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