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March will be “Friday’s Pan” month

February 29th, 2008

When I created Friday’s Picks & Pans, I included the “Pans” part for a reason. I don’t just want to tell you about the whiskies I like. I also want to let you know the whiskies that disappoint me.

So, for the entire month of March, every Friday I will do just that.

2 Responses to “March will be “Friday’s Pan” month”

  1. Dave Gregoire says:

    Hi John,

    Looks like Friday’s will become a “can’t miss” day for your blog. I know you have written in the past about characteristics that you find distasteful in a whisky; can you give us any hints about the qualities that you’ll be revealing for those whiskys on the pan list?

    By the way, I was almost always 100% in agreement with Michael Jackson’s insights and I’m still bummed at his passing. I miss not only his expertise, but also his delightful sense of whimsy.

    Thank you for the great job you do with the Malt Advocate. As long as you keep publishing I’ll kepp reading and enjoying.

    -dave g

  2. John Hansell says:

    Dave, some things I don’t like in whiskies: too old, too young, one-dimensional, dominated by one flavor component, lack of complexity, lack of individuality, etc.

    Michael was my mentor. I learned from him. I, too, miss him: both professionally and personally.

    Thanks for the kind words. –John

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