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Aruba bound

March 19th, 2008

We’re off to Aruba today for six days of R&R. I’m not bringing any whisky, but I am bringing some really nice wines and beers for the trip. And I think rum will factor in to the equation somewhere along the way.

I’ve already written Friday’s Pan and programmed it to publish in two days. I’ll pick up where I left off on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week when I return.

Happy Easter everyone!  — John

3 Responses to “Aruba bound”

  1. Tanguy LeGuyader says:

    I have a list of all the Rum distillers but I do not find any located in Aruba. Can you check this out?

  2. William Meyers says:

    Dear John,

    Have a great time – two weeks from now we’ll be in the middle of WhiskyFest events in Chicago. I’m already lining up what bottles to bring to share with friends from around the country.



  3. sam k says:

    Aruba, Jamaica, I’m stuck in Pennsylvania! William’s right, WhiskyFest Chi-town is in TWO WEEKS. Woo-hoo! See you all there!

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