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Three down, four to go

May 4th, 2008

I have already posted tasting reports on three of my seven Speyside distillery visits two weeks ago. A few diversions have delayed my posting on the other four (namely my reviews of Highland Park 40, Bruichladdich PC6 and my posting of the new Forty Creek whisky).

But, no worries. I have already written about my tasting experiences at the other four distilleries. They are teed up and ready to go. First posting will be on Monday. Let me note that these are just the tasting segments of my distillery visits. These, along with write-ups on my distillery tours, will be published in the 4th Quarter issue of Malt Advocate.

I’ll be out of the office during the daytime the next few days goofing off with a new (used) boat I bought, but plan to check my email in the evenings. If you make any comments to the blog, they might night get posted until the evening hours (after I have approved them).

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