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Cutty Sark 25 yr. old coming to the U.S.?

May 23rd, 2008

While touring Speyside distilleries last month, my wife Amy and I really enjoyed a dram of Cutty Sark 25 year old–a whisky not available in the U.S. Here’s how I described it in my blog a few weeks ago:

Glenrothes is a key component to the Cutty Sark blend. I tasted the Cutty 25 year old while I was in Speyside and it was amazing. I loved the combination of drinkability, flavor, complexity and balance. It’s one of the best blended whiskies I have ever tasted. Even my wife, who doesn’t normally drink whisky, finished her entire dram. And if she hadn’t, I would have finished it for her! The only problem: it’s not sold in the U.S.

Well, my comments found their way to one of the Cutty Sark PR people and he sent me this message:

I met with David King [Whiskymaker for Glenrothes and Cutty Sark] yesterday and he is particularly pleased with your comments regarding Cutty Sark 25 year old – to the extent that he is considering launching it in the USA.

Watch this space! My fingers are crossed.

2 Responses to “Cutty Sark 25 yr. old coming to the U.S.?”

  1. Bill Groot says:

    This sounds intriguing, please keep us informed. And if it is released here, let us know if it will hit the midwest.

  2. John Hansell says:

    I’ll keep everyone in the loop.

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