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Review: Cutty Sark 25 yr. old

June 9th, 2008

I don’t usually write about a whisky that’s not sold in the U.S. It’s gotta be really good or really bad. This one is really good, and am I hoping that if I rave about it enough they’ll actually start importing it to the U.S.  So here goes. (Note: It sells for around 85 Pounds Sterling in the UK.)

Cutty Sark, 25 year old, 45.7%, $n/a
Well structured and masculine with its rich malty backbone and mouthcoating fruit. Yet, there’s a silky, seductive underbelly that’s very compelling. Notes of sultana, honey-drenched mandarin, ripe peach, thick toffee and anise, with a peppering of spice throughout, especially towards the finish where a hint of smoke emerges. The grain whisky enhances the blend’s allure by cutting through the whisky’s viscosity, making it very more-ish. I love the combination of drinkability, flavor, complexity and balance to this whisky. It’s one of the best blended scotches I have ever tasted. Single malt drinkers will thoroughly enjoy this whisky.

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 93

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