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Greenore Single Grain 8 yr. vs. Greenore Single Grain 15 yr.

June 10th, 2008

There aren’t too many Irish grain whiskeys around and, if you want one, you’ll want to seek out the Cooley distillery releases. The new limited edition Greenore 15 yr. old grain whiskey will go into circulation in the U.S. in August. How does it compare to its younger sibling, the 8 year old? I have a bottle of each and just tasted the two side-by-side.

Below are my reviews of the 8 and 15 yr. old that will be published in the 3rd and 4th Quarter 2008 issues of Malt Advocate, respectively. (It was too late to sneak the 15 in the 3rd quarter issue, which just went to the printer.) Regarding the two whiskeys, it really comes down to what you’re looking for. Both are nice.

84 Greenore Single Grain, 15 year old, 40%, $100
Cooley distillery’s oldest grain whiskey to date, and marketed as a limited edition. Similar in personality to Greenore 8 yr. old—rather light and gently sweet—but deeper, more oily in texture, not as crisp, with enhanced spice notes. You’ll also find soft creamy vanilla, lemon meringue, cut hay, orange rock candy, teasingly subtle bitter chocolate, and a dry, spicy finish. Whether you like the 8 or 15 year old depends on mood and time of day. I find them equally pleasant in personality.

82 Greenore Single Grain, 8 year old, 1997 vintage, 40%, $50
Light, crisp, and gently sweet. Notes of vanilla, cut hay, honey, and lemon, with a grainy, dry bourbon-oak finish. A warm weather whisky, or as an aperitif. Perhaps a way to introduce a vodka drinker to whiskey?

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