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Review: Oban 18 year old

August 14th, 2008

Oban, 18 year old, 43%, $150

I really like this whisky. Drier, less toffee and fruit, more dried spice and oak when compared to the standard Oban 14 year old.  A beautiful combination of rich, nutty toffee balanced by polished oak, salt, pepper, seaweed, distant smoke and dried fruit. Somewhat oily in texture. Wonderful depth too! An improvement on what is already the biggest selling Diageo single malt scotch in the U.S. Very exciting and dynamic. (7,700 bottles available only in the U.S. this autumn and at the Oban distillery.)

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 91

14 Responses to “Review: Oban 18 year old”

  1. Cary Bader says:

    It will be twice as expensive as the Talisker 18yo; does it taste as good?

  2. John Hansell says:

    Talisker 18 yr is a fantastic whisky. I don’t think that Oban 18 reaches quite that level (I rated Talisker 18 a 93), but it approaches it.

    • Matt MacLean says:

      Hi John, Hey on the Talisker I dont have any, where is it from and how would you compare the flavors to the Oban 18? The Talisker 18 down my way is about 90$

  3. ObanLover says:

    Any idea when exactly in the “autumn” this will hit, and at what retailers it is likely to be available?

  4. John Hansell says:

    I would imagine it depends on the market. I would inquire wherever you get your regular Oban first. Another source for harder to find whiskies would be our specialty retailers which we list on this website and in Malt Advocate magazine.

  5. I love this version of Oban but my scotch buddies aren’t impressed. It tastes how the 14 year should in my opinion. Vibrant and polished perfect Oban, but, not for $170 I feel many of my customers will feel their disappointment. 7,700 bottles does not make this rare enough to charge that and the Talisker is a better bargain. Shame on you Classic Malts.

  6. Don Armando says:

    you can buy it @bevmo!!!!!!!!

  7. Debb says:

    I absolutely love the Oban 18!

    The above comment was a perfect description. It is what the 14 should be!

    I plan on buying two bottles…..

    and giving one to my teatotaling buddy to keep for me so I won’t drink it!

  8. Mikael Weisz says:

    The pricing is absolutely ridiculous, even with the limit of 7700 bottles.
    Actually the lable states 8778 bottles.

    The price is still to high even if the bottling would have been at cask strength.
    However I have not tried it since it’s not avaiable in Europe.

    The best Oban I have tried to date is the 32yo from 1969 wich i give 92p on the MM scale.
    Have anyone compared it to the 32yo or to the 20yo 1984/2004 57.9% ?

  9. Matt MacLean says:

    I Purchased this #4097 bottle for 139.99$ in calif. I have a big collection and enjoy the sweet and long finish. It is smoother than the 14 and has great flavors. I dont mind the price I paid 750$ for the Macallan 30yr from Park Ave Liquer in NY. Buy it and drink it alone or close friends who will appreciate such a find. Enjoy!!!

  10. Ramon Flores says:

    I purchased two bottles (#7954 and #7958) in an outlet bolivian supermarket in Santa Cruz for only 24 USD each one. I liked the soft and great flavor, a good option to drink on the rocks.

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