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Review: New Bowmore Wine Cask Matured 1992 Vintage

August 26th, 2008

All  the media attention is on the new “White Bowmore”, but the distillery is also releasing a new wine cask (Bordeaux) matured whisky this fall. An enjoyable whisky. Here’s my review.

Bowmore “Wine Cask Matured”, 1992 vintage, 16 year old, 53.5%, $120
Aged for six years in bourbon casks, then aged an additional ten years in Bordeaux wine casks. Classic Bowmore peat smoke and red berried fruit (raspberry, strawberry) are the main components of this whisky, with additional notes of plum, grape skin tannins, currant, caramel, and marzipan. Good grip from the Limousin oak (wine casks). Some brine and damp cellar notes emerged occasionally, with the smoke lingering long on the finish.

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 83

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