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Glenmorangie Astar in, Ardbeg Renaissance out

September 2nd, 2008

This posting is mainly for my U.S. audience. As it often goes with whisky and distribution, I was informed from my Moet contact that the new Glenmorangie Astar will be coming to the U.S. sometime in 2009 (no firm date set yet), but that the new Ardbeg Renaissance will not be imported to the U.S.

You may remember I blogged about Renaissance earlier this year. It’s the first Ardbeg release distilled and bottled by the current owners of the distillery. I like it a lot. I still haven’t tried the Astar. My sample got lost in transit to me (bummer!) so I won’t have it for another week or two. Astar translates to “Journey” and is part of Dr. Bill Lumsden’s “artisan cask” experiments.

I was also informed by the wizards behind Glenmorangie that they are working on a “top secret” Glenmorangie. No, I don’t know anything about it yet. That sample broke in transit (even more of a bummer!). So, it’s still top secret (to me, anyway). But, I should find out more about it in a week or two. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it is leaked out and posted somewhere on the internet in the interim.  But, when I find out something, I’ll pass it on to you ASAP.

5 Responses to “Glenmorangie Astar in, Ardbeg Renaissance out”

  1. kallaskander says:

    Hi John,

    here two things about the Astar.

    The last address gives a bit of in depth information one usually does not get.

  2. WhiskyViking says:

    A feel sorry for our US-friends that don’t get the Renaissance. It’s smashing stuff. Start planning trips to Europe. Also sorry that your sample was lost John, as it’s gotten rave reviews on this side of the pond.

    As for the “top secret” one, it might be a bottling called Glenmorangie Signet. it’s being released in Norway this week. I belive it’ll roll out to most of Europe this month. Wrote a snippet on it last week on my own blog.

    Must say it’s fun to see companies still trying to restrict information in certain markets on new releases, while other markets gets all the info they want.

  3. John Hansell says:

    Kallaskander, thanks for the links on Astar. I was invited on the same press trip as Ho-Cheng to be with Dr. Bill Lumsden of Glenmorangie but had a conflict and haven’t been able to hook up with Bill since. I’m glad he was able to post some good information on it.

    WhiskyViking: I was able to get a Renaissance sample when I was with Dr. Bill back in January (and it is indeed a great whisky) but have had logistical difficulties with the two Glenmorangie products. I’m glad that it’s getting rave reviews.

    Yes, it’s crazy how whisky companies play their little distribution games. Sometimes it’s frustrating. The U.S. is such a big whisky market, but sometimes the whisky producers treat us like second class citizens by not selling their whisky here at all (as is the case with Renaissance) or selling it one year later than other markets (as it is with Astar).

    There’s a good chance I will see Dr. Bill in a couple weeks. Maybe I will find out more about the (perhaps not so top secret) Signet at that time.

  4. B.J. Reed says:

    Both Renaissance and Corryvreckan are excellent – Have a bottle of both and would recommend them highly. You can get Renaissance in the UK but Corryvreckan is basically gone unless you are lucky enough to stumble across a bottle.

  5. John,

    The guys at the WhiskyGuild are having a ‘Whisky on the Hudson’ cruise tasting event next week. Prior to the event, Glenmorangie is hosting a private party where they will be pouring Signet. I believe Dr, Bill will be there.

    I’m looking forward to it.

    nunc est bibendum,

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