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Willett Bourbon Locator Guide

September 6th, 2008

Some of the Willett Bourbons and Ryes have been outstanding. But they’re often very difficult to find. I spoke with Drew,  my contact at Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (the bottlers of Willett) yesterday, and here’s a brief synopsis of what he told me regarding what’s available where (and contact information!):

John, we sent 96 bottles of our 25YR/90.2 Proof to CA for distribution and 360 bottles to Japan.  I believe that there was a total of 8 barrels for this release.  Retail is around $150-$175 in CA. 

We’ve also released several more barrels for distribution here in KY selected by The Party Source, specifically:

6YR/112.2 Proof Bourbon-108 bottles
7YR/123.4 Proof Bourbon-48 bottles
12YR/114.8 Proof Bourbon-72 bottles
16YR/147 Proof Bourbon-118 bottles
17YR/97.2 Proof Bourbon-168 bottles

These are due to hit shelves late next week.  All are full barrel strength and unchill-filtered. If you interested please contact Jay Erisman (info below)

We will be doing a 7YR for Toddy’s Liquor (in Bardstown) that will hit shelves prior to the KY Bourbon Fest.

Our distributor Ledroit Brands in Washington DC selects barrels several times a year of many different ages that are available in the DC area. Ace Beverages always has a nice selection of the Willett Family Reserve Barrel Proof Whiskies.  For more information please contact Bill Thomas (Ledroit Brands) at:

Drew Kulsveen

For all of you Willett enthusiasts, I hope this helps.

6 Responses to “Willett Bourbon Locator Guide”

  1. Dear John,
    As I’ve commented on in the past, I’m very impressed by the Willett products & cannot wait to taste the PartySource casks.
    I REALLY enjoyed the 23YO Rye bottlings from Washington DC, which I bought through the Wine Specialist. The Iron Fist & Velvet Glove are both incredible – dark brown color, rich mouth feel, leather, tobacco, hints of dark vanilla & notes of black cherry -very complex!
    Highly recommend! Cheers,

  2. Bob Brauns says:

    Where can I find the Willett bourbons in or around the Baltimore area?

  3. Sarah says:

    Please could you tell me if there are any companys that distribute to the UK, or any companies in the UK that may have WILLETT Bourbon.

    Kind Regards
    Sarah Willett !

  4. Michael Willett says:

    Is there an outlet for Willett Bourbons in Central Indiana? If not how about Louisville?

  5. Mac Willett says:

    Is there an outlet in either the Atlanta ga or Louisville ky area

  6. Paul Bradley says:


    Sarah, The Whisky Exchange in London Bridge is the first place you should look for unusual spirits in the uk,
    or we have a bottle behind the bar here at Ink Rooms in Clapham.


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