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New Knappogue Castle 15 yr. old

September 20th, 2008

Yes, you read correctly. Knappogue Castle, which has always been a “vintage” Irish whiskey, is introducing a 15 year old non-vintage. I was sent a bottle yesterday with some background information that came with it.

The whiskey comes from three different vintages: 1990, 1991, and 1992. Three casks total, married together. This is a limited edition, with only 600 bottles. Each bottle is numbered, signed by Mark Andrews (the creator of KC), and comes in a wood box. It’s bottled at 43% and unchill-filtered. Price: $100.

As a side note, I think going from a vintage to an age statement was an intelligent strategic move by the Knappogue Castle brand owners. It was the best way to release an older whiskey without confusion. The vintage releases have always been several years younger in age, on average. If they released a 15 year old whiskey now as a vintage, it would put it right in the middle of the vintages that have already been released at younger ages and might have created confusion.

I’ll taste it in the near future and let you know my thoughts.

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