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Transporting whisky: update

October 13th, 2008

After all the discussions we had on how we transport our whisky from one place to another, would you like to know what the pros do?

WhiskyFest San Francisco was this past Friday night. If you’ve been following my blog (and all our WhiskyFest promotions) over the past several months, you know that we brought out of retirement the past Macallan Distillery Managers and Managing Directors for each one of them to create a unique bottle of Macallan to be tasted at WhiskyFest San Francisco for a small charitable donation.

These whiskies are very precious and rare. So how did Macallan safely transport their whisky  from Scotland all the way to San Fransisco? They used Wine Cruzer. It’s a black padded container of varying configurations and prices designed to ship wine, but it works for whisky too. The Macallan guys gave me the whisky (inside the Wine Cruzer) the morning of WhiskyFest for safe keeping and I also shipped the bottles (and what’s left of the whisky) back to our office in the Wine Cruiser to be used at our charity table at WhiskyFest New York on November 11th.

I had plenty of time to inspect and use the Wine Cruzer and, I like it so much, I’m going to get one for myself. They’re fairly expensive (the one I want is going to run me about $300) but, considering the value of whisky these days, It’s a great feeling to know that I will be transporting my whisky knowing that they will not break. They also are designed for travel (wheels, telescoping handle, etc.) and look pretty cool too!

You might not ship that much whisky to warrant to cost. With three WhiskyFests each year and overseas trips Scotland and Ireland, I know that I’ll use it.

Some whisky bottles are much wider in shape than standard wine bottles, but there are models of the Wine Cruzer that will accommodate champagne bottles and magnum bottles, so there is some “wiggle room” there.

Anyway, I thought you might like to know about this.

3 Responses to “Transporting whisky: update”

  1. Joe Riley says:

    When we went to Kentucky Bourbon Fest, we just put some bottles in a styrofoam wine case shipper, two 12-bottle styrofoam shells within a cardboard box, taped it up, and checked it through with our airline baggage after signing a release. It couldn’t have been easier.

  2. John Hansell says:

    The styrofoam wine case shipper is what I’ve been using for many years and have never had problem with breakage.

    In fact, in addition to shipping the Macallan bottles back to the office in the Wine Cruzer, I also shipped the The Glenlivet Cellar Collection bottles back to the office in a standard Styrofoam wine case shipper. The Wine Cruzer is just more convenient because it has wheels and and telescoping handle. It’s also fairly compact, considering how many bottles it fits.

  3. Rich says:

    speaking of “the value of whisky these days”, given the state of the economy, i was hoping i might finally see prices of certain rare malts fall within range. however, it looks like i may be barking up the wrong cask…

    … … …

    Stocks sink but there’s whisky galore

    AMSTERDAM – While investors flee traditional markets such as stocks and commodities on growing recession fears, trade in rare bottles of whisky is flourishing…

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