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The Wall Street Journal and Malt Advocate forges alliance for 2009

October 19th, 2008

Building on the alliance that Malt Advocate and The Wall Street Journal developed for the second half of 2008, I am proud to announce that both companies will continue their mutually-beneficial relationship for the entire 2009 calendar year.  

The alliance includes, among other things:

The Wall Street Journal sponsoring WhiskyFest Chicago in April, WhiskyFest San Francisco in October and WhiskyFest New York in November,

Wall Street Journal ads in Malt Advocate magazine and on the Malt Advocate magazine website, along with exposure at all three events through branding,

Malt Advocate advertising in The Wall Street Journal,

Editorial support by Malt Advocate Magazine’s Publisher & Editor (me) for a special Whisky advertising supplement in The Wall Street Journal slated for November.

This should increase circulation in both publications, while also increasing attendance at WhiskyFest and reaffirming its status as America’s premier whisky events. And it accomplishes Malt Advocate magazine’s primary mission: to promote whisky and educate consumers.

3 Responses to “The Wall Street Journal and Malt Advocate forges alliance for 2009”

  1. sam k says:

    Excellent news, John. This is a win-win for all involved and can only elevate awareness and stature for whisk(e)y worldwide. Congratulations! One observation: you mention an increase in WhiskyFest attendance as a result of this partnership. Since the event always sells out, how do you anticipate accommodating increased attendance?

  2. John Hansell says:

    Sam, good catch. What I meant to say is that we will bring a new audience to WhiskyFest, not necessarily more people.

  3. sam k says:

    And that is a good thing! Thanks, John.

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