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Annoucing the 2008 Malt Advocate Whisky Awards

November 11th, 2008

The 2008 Malt Advocate Whisky Awards were announced earlier this evening just prior to WhiskyFest New York. The awards ceremony occurred at the Marriott Marquis on Times Square.

Here is a listing of the award winners. A full write-up will appear in the 1st Quarter 2009 issue of Malt Advocate magazine, due out on January 15, 2009.

The top ten new whiskies for 2008 (listed alphabetically)
The Antiquary Blended Scotch, 21 year old
The Balvenie Vintage Cask, 1976 vintage
Black Bowmore, 1964 vintage, 42 year old
White Bowmore, 1964 vintage, 43 year old
Brora , 30 year old
High West Rendezvous Rye, Batch No. 10
Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve Irish Whiskey
The Last Drop Blended Scotch
Parker’s Heritage Collection Bourbon, 27 year old
Willett Family Reserve Bourbon, 25 year old

Best Buy of the Year
Ancient Ancient Age Ten Year Old

American Whiskey of the Year
Parker’s Heritage Collection 27 Year Old Bourbon

Canadian Whisky of the Year
Canadian Club 150th Anniversary 30 Year Old

Irish Whiskey of the Year
Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve, 2007 Release

Scotch Blended Whisky of the Year
The Antiquary 21 year old

Scotch Malt Whisky of the Year
Black Bowmore, 1964 Vintage, 42 year old

Microdistillery Whisky of the Year
Penderyn Welsh Whisky

Industry Leader of the Year
Dr. Bill Lumsden

Pioneer of the Year
The United States Microdistillers

Distillery of the Year
Four Roses

Lifetime Achievement Award
Willie Tait (Whyte and Mackay)
Kenny Gray (Oban)
Ronnie Eddins (Buffalo Trace)

11 Responses to “Annoucing the 2008 Malt Advocate Whisky Awards”

  1. Sam says:

    Thanks for sharing, John.

  2. Linda Beam says:

    Hello John,

    Read the review on Parker’s and I totally agree. Parker said
    he say you and your wife in the exercise room at the hotel.
    Sorry I missed seeing you, had to stay in Ky. Hope to see
    you soon.

    Regards, Linda

  3. Ewan Morgan says:

    Thanks again for your continued support John.

    Ewan Morgan

  4. John Hansell says:

    Linda: Yes, Parker is old enough to be my father but there he was running for what seemed like an hour at the Marriott fitness center while I, with my bum foot and knee, hobbled on the the stationary bike.

    Ewan, don’t thank me. Black Bowmore is a great whisky.

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  6. Rich says:

    Black Bowmore, 1964 Vintage, 42 year old… Sounds absolutely wonderful, but at £2,350.00, it’s unlikely that mere mortals such as myself will ever have a chance to taste this winning dram… Having said that, my newly-arrived bottle of Glendronach 33 should offer some solace. 😉

  7. John Hansell says:

    Rich, if you have some Glendronach 33 yr. old, then you are doing just fine, my friend. Solace indeed!

  8. Greg Gilbert says:

    I’m glad to see the best buy of the year is AAA 10 yr. They stopped selling it here in VA and now only carry 10 star. Is the 10 year still produced? It’s one of my favorite low shelf bourbons. When I could get it, a liter cost a whopping $11.

  9. John Hansell says:

    Gary, most of the AAA Ten Year Old has been pulled back and sold in Kentucky. You might have to make a pilgrimage to Kentucky to load up on it. It’s going for about $16 right now.

  10. Greg Gilbert says:

    Thanks John. If plans prevail, I’ll be attending the KBF in ’09 and will making a visit to Toddy’s or one of the Liquor Barns. Fortunately, I loaded up on AAA prior to its disappearance. Cheers.

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