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What are you drinking on Thanksgiving day?

November 24th, 2008

Thanksgiving this Thursday seems like a good excuse to have a special dram of something. I’m still debating on what I’m going to drink. When I do, I’ll post it up here.

How about you? Is there anything special you’re planning on drinking? Are you opening up a bottle of something?

37 Responses to “What are you drinking on Thanksgiving day?”

  1. Joe says:

    Bourbon. Thanksgiving is an American holiday, we should celebrate with American products.

  2. John Hansell says:

    Joe, I was thinking the same thing. And I’ll bet bourbon goes well with pumking pie!

    I’m not sure what it will be. I’ve been drinking the new Evan Williams Single Barrel 1999 vintage the past few days (it’s so drinkable), but I’ll probably shift to something else.

  3. Kevin says:

    To stay with the Thanksgiving spirit, I think I’ll be opening up my bottle of Wild Turkey American Spirit – nothings says Thanksgiving more than Turkey and America!

  4. John Hansell says:

    Kevin, Wild Turkey on Thanksgiving day is a great idea. And you can’t go wrong with American Spirit.

  5. Henry says:

    I shall open a bottle of 1968 Glenfarclas, or maybe the 1974

  6. Sam S. says:

    I have an open bottle of Van Winkle 20 I haven’t had in a while.
    I guess I can’t go wrong with that.

  7. John Hansell says:

    Hmm, having a bourbon on Thanksgiving Day, shouldn’t preclude any of us from also having a good scotch. Van Winkle 20, Glenfarclas 1968: I have both those bottles open and both would work nicely. I’ll put ’em on my short list.

  8. Josh says:

    Definitely the Eagle Rare 17yo (2008).

  9. Sam S. says:

    Hey John.
    That Van Winkle is the only bourbon I have.
    Obviously, your “short” list is easily longer than my “long” list.
    That in itself can cause many issues.
    I guess it could be harder for you to choose. 🙂

    I agree that the holiday shouldn’t preclude a good scotch.
    I only recently had the good fortune of having a friend that was traveling pick up a Highland Park 21 Duty-free for me.
    I’ve only had one tasting so far, so maybe I’ll have some Thursday.
    Somehow, good scotch tastes better with good friends.

  10. Eric says:

    I have a Champagne finish Isle of Arran I’ve been looking for a reason to drink. Thinking about taking it to the in-laws to crack open on Thursday. Although my brother-in-law is a Irish Whisky guy (Middletons) so I’m debating if I want to open it or save it for others that may enjoy it more. It’s either that or what’s left of my Wasmunds American Single Malt – not sure…. Although, a nice dilemma to have, all things considered. 😉

  11. jazz lover says:

    sazerac 18 yr.

  12. John Hansell says:

    Maybe I’ll follow George Thorogood and go for one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer. That might work.

  13. JC Skinner says:

    And no Irish? ;-(
    I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving (at the insistence of my Wisconsin born better half) with a Bushmills 21 yo single malt.
    I suspect the lady of the house might find that a tasty dram with which to toast the founding of a nation.
    But if not, she’s welcome to the 6 yo straight bourbon languishing at the back of the cupboard.
    Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

  14. John Hansell says:

    Okay, if it’s alright with George Thorogood, I will amend it slightly to include Irish. So, I am commiting to the following: one bourbon, one scotch, one Irish, and one beer on Thanksgiving. After all, it’s a long day, with a lot of food.

    Now I just have to figure out which ones. Gives me something to think about the next few days. (But please, no one mention Canadian, Tennessee or Japanese–I’ll save those for another day.)

  15. Louis says:

    My before dinner dram(s?) will be from a recntly opend bottle of Blanton’s. And I’ll wash down the turkey with either Lagavulin or Caol Ila 18. The peat stands up well to the turkey and stuffing, IMHO.

  16. Oscar says:

    What better way to celebrate the plentiful harvest of Thanksgiving than a bottle George T Stagg.

  17. John Hansell says:

    Louis, smoked turkey–whisky style. I like it! Oscar, can’t go wrong with Stagg. Although at that strength, I might save that one for after dinner.

  18. Lew Bryson says:

    I’ll probably be drinking Sly Fox Pilsner through the dinner, get out some Jameson 18 Year Old for dessert and nuts (family tradition is to eat a lot of nuts for Thanksgiving…don’t know why), and then wrap up with some wonderfully drinkable Old Charter. And have Cathy drive us home.

  19. John Hansell says:

    Jameson 18 for dessert. Yum! No scotch? You still might be able to fit that in somewhere.

  20. Greg says:

    I hadn’t thought about it until I saw the question. Now I’m wondering what would be a good celebration whiskey. I recently found a couple bottles of Saz 18 from 2000 (original release) so I may break open one of those.

  21. Clay Risen says:

    Probably the Four Roses Mariage, but I’m going to Frankfort tomorrow on an annual Bourbon country pilgrimage — visiting Woodford and Buffalo Trace this time — and will likely find something new and interesting to take its place.

  22. lawschooldrunk says:

    some lowlands, unpeated islays, or gentle highlands during the day and before the meal. some heavier highlands and midweight speysides for the main course, either a glenlivet nadurra or aberlour a’bunadh for desert-depending what is served- and some peaty islays after the meal.

    This all depends on what wine is served during the meal. I can’t resist the dry, oaked cabs, merlots, and shirazes. And I have the blessing to be able to mix wine and scotch with feeling any negative effects.

    No bourbon or irish or beer for me.

  23. Todd says:

    With dinner, we’ll enjoy two autumn seasonal beer types, several American fresh-hopped ales from Port Brewery, Sierra Nevada and several German Marzens including Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen, which is a smoke beer (if you love bacon, you will love this beer). After dinner, we have a family tradition of hoisting a glass of the yearly Old Forester B’day Bourbon (hadn’t tasted this years yet, last years will be tough to match).

    Happy thanksgiving!

  24. John Hansell says:

    Todd, I have Port Brewing Fresh Hop High Tide IPA on tap in the Hansell bar at the moment. (Yum!) and I think that Shlenkerla Marzen is a good choice. (Yet another version of “smoked” turkey.)

    LSD, I just might dig around in my wine cellar and see if I can find something tasty to go with (or after) dinner. I have a ’90 d’Yquem that I’ve been saving. Maybe I can work that in there somewhere between all my malty adventures.

  25. lawschooldrunk says:

    That should say: And I have the blessing to be able to mix wine and scotch withOUT feeling any negative effects.

  26. Mike Dereszynski says:

    I’ll be doing a double celebration this week.Along with Turkey Thursday,this mornings sunrise brought me to my 60th year.
    Lets see, should I have 10 wee drams of PC6 or half a gill of Four Roses 120th Anniversary?
    I’m definitely paying a supportive visit to some of my favorite local watering holes starting with Bill Roger’s The Malt House. Bill’s selection of whiskies is tops and rivaled only by his selection of beers. Ive also been invited to a tapping of Lagunitas Brown Shugga at Maduro’s,an oasis for people who injoy a fine drink and or a good smoke.
    That brings back memories of other great bars,the Widdar in Zurich (Im enjoying a dram of their special bottling of Laphroaig as I write this.),the Bow Bar…GOOD LORD I have a lot to be thankful for!!! The truth is all of us who enjoy the gift of malt and spirits do. This week whatever you choose to drink wether from your own collection or while visiting your local pub or bar or distillery(and please do!)take a moment to toast those that have made it possible and give thanks.

  27. B.J. Reed says:

    Hum, would like to have the 1989 Balblair (but it hasn’t made it from the UK yet) – Its the closest to a Bourbon for a Scotch Single Malt I have tasted – Otherwise the 30 YO Brora or the 30 YO G&M Glenrothes 🙂

  28. John Hansell says:

    Mike, the Bow Bar in Edinburgh is one of my favorite places for an honest pint of real ale or a dram. I spent a month there one night with (fellow whisky writer) Charlie Maclean about 10 years ago. I was moving very slowly the next morning. I blame it on Charlie. 😉

    BJ, that 30 year old Brora rocks! It was on my top ten list of new whiskies this past year. All I got was this tiny review sample. What I would do for a whole bottle of the stuff! Anybody out there got a bottle? Let’s barter!

  29. Kevin W says:

    I will be bringing out the following – Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit, Westveleteren 12 and Pappy 20 (with desert).

    I love Thanksgiving with the family, especially sharing my stock with my father and brother.

  30. John Hansell says:

    Sharing. Yes, that’s what it’s all about, Kevin. Sharing something special with a friend means so much more, doesn’t it?

  31. Scott says:

    I’ll be breaking out a Bourbon and a Rye; the Willett 27 yr. Bourbon & the Willett 24 yr. Rye. It simply amazes me how KBD puts out these wonderful aged bottlings without an overabundance of oak character.

  32. John Hansell says:

    I never had the 27 yr, but the others all had the oak in balance. Sounds like a good combo.

  33. John Hansell says:

    Well, we went to a friend’s house. I ended up pulling out a dusty bottle of Very Very Old Fitzgerald 100 proof 12 year old that I had stashed away for quite some time and brought it with me. He is a bourbon enthusiast.

    After we shared a drink with a few with mutual friends, we headed home. But I left the bottle with him, so he could share it with more of his friends.

    All in all, I had a geat day. Lots of fun with family and friends, and some good food and great bourbon!

  34. Barry Jay says:

    Ah Thanksgiving! You will not find a more patriotic man than myself but bourbon has to take a back seat to a liitle Aberlour 12 or MaCallan’s 17 light oak. I’m one of those girly sweet scotch drinkers. lol.

    Anyway, the day after Thanksgiving, was out with the outlaws, ermr, I mean in-laws at a wonderful place in Decatur outside Altanta Georgia called “The Brick Store”. They had a wonderful selection of scotch and a beer that I fell in love with called Sweetwater IPA. I might even call it a close match to my beloved Dogfish 60 minute IPAs. An IPA with such wonderfully sweet citrus overtones…..ooolala. John, by time I bump into you at that marina, I’ll have my bootlegging buddies bringing cases up from Atlanta!

    Cheers all!! Happy Holidays!

  35. John Hansell says:

    Barry Jay, there’s certainly nothing wrong with Aberlour 12 or Macallan 17 Fine Oak. Both are solid whiskies, and I really enjoy the Mac 17 FO. (I have a bottle at my beach house, half empty, of course.)

    And, like you, I am a lover of all things malt, and I’ve enjoyed both Sweetwater and DFH on many occassions. (More DFH, though, because I can get it here in PA.)

    Happy Holidays to you too!

  36. Jon Hieb says:

    Introduced Akvavit to my kids….yummmm (for me anyway)…For
    Christmas : 1986 Thomas Hardys followed by a 1987…Why wait
    any longer? Yeah!

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