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New PEATED Arran single malt

January 15th, 2009

The Isle of Arran distillery has just introduced a peated version. It’s a single cask bottling aged in bourbon casks. Here’s the link to their website describing the whisky along with a bottle shot.

Some of the Arran whiskies have been really good, particularly the single cask bottlings. I’ll be posting up reviews of a few new expressions in the near future.

I’m looking forward to trying this peated version. According to Euan Mitchell from the distillery, this whisky will eventually be imported to the U.S. later in the year.

2 Responses to “New PEATED Arran single malt”

  1. Ben says:

    Hi John,

    in Germany there are 2 peated Arrans released. Bourbon and Sherry Cask. But i think for an 4yo Single Malt it’s too expensive. $76!! But when it tastes good, how cares 🙂

  2. John Hansell says:

    Thanks for the update Ben. So many times the US is the last country to get new whiskies (thanks to the 750 ml bottle size). I appreciate our international blog readers keeping us updated on what’s happening in their country.

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