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Review: Templeton Small Batch Rye (Batch #2)

January 15th, 2009

Templeton Small Batch Rye, Batch #2, Barrel #173, 40%, $35
The labeling is a little confusing. Small batch implies a marriage of multiple barrels, not just a bottling from a single barrel. The labeling seems to imply both. Plus, there’s no indication of the source of this whiskey—or its age. Regardless, this is one of the sweetest and mellowest rye whiskeys I’ve tasted. Spicy fresh mint, cinnamon, white pepper and and subtle clove are tamed by sweet notes of toasted marshmallow, cotton candy, creamy vanilla, candied fruit and red licorice. Soft finish. Rather gentle for a rye whiskey.

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 79

5 Responses to “Review: Templeton Small Batch Rye (Batch #2)”

  1. Gary Gillman says:

    Very good notes, John. I guess the producer is stating that this is the second bottling or run, since I assume more than one barrel will be bottled from this current “batch”.

    I was impressed with the first bottling whose provenance has never been nailed down as far as I know. There was discussion in some quarters that the whiskey may have been been straight rye from Seagram’s Lawrenceburg, Indiana plant (now owned by Angostura of W.I.). That plant made rye, at least at one time, to add I believe to 7 Crown and perhaps other Seagram whiskies.

    Batch 1 was an excellent rye whsikey and it sounds like this current one is as good or better and possibly from the same source (since your taste notes sound similar to what I recall from batch 1). I look forward to trying it.


  2. John Hansell says:

    Gary, yes, this appears to be a second bottling run. It’s nice enough of a whiskey–but I just would have liked to have more rye kick to it and a little bit less sweetness to score it higher than I did. A unique rye for sure, though.

  3. thomas mckenzie says:

    Have you heard how their own production is going? And when or if they will be releasing anything?

  4. Brian says:

    The Small Batch label is the more correct one. The barrel numbering is a holdover from Batch #1 which was a true single barrel. Here’s a photo of the first three bottlings from Templeton:

    Batch #3 appears to be out now but I can’t get any until I find a reason to go to Iowa or Chicago.

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