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Mackmyra is coming to the U.S. Soon!

February 17th, 2009

This great, young distillery from Sweden is coming to the U.S. For those of you who tasted some of their products at WhiskyFest New York last November, you know that this distillery is already making some very interesting whiskies. Here’s some information I just received from Lars Lindberger of Mackmyra regarding their plans for the U.S.

At WhiskFest New York last year we started a project where the goal is to sell our whisky on Manhattan by January 2010. And last week our Marketing Director and our Sales manager visited NY to meet with importers, stores, restaurants, the Swedish embassy etc. We are visiting other markets as well, but the US-market is one of the most interesting for us right now and starting point is New York.

We’re not launching with a big office in Empire State Building and Paris Hilton on the release party ;-). We are doing this the Mackmyra way: working slowly to try to understand the market and get to know our future customers. And then release a volume that matches the interest.

So there you have it. Something worth looking forward to for all of us here in the U.S. I already tasted and rated their first “official” release on my blog. Perhaps those of you overseas (or bootleggers from the U.S.) who also tried some of their releases might want to also add your thoughts.

3 Responses to “Mackmyra is coming to the U.S. Soon!”

  1. That’s great news John!! I’ve been enjoying Mackmyra for almost 3 years, since their first Preludium series releases, and their development has been fantastic and enjoyable. Their “First Edition” is the best selling whisky at Cafe Herman, new and experienced whisky drinkers all love it. Really curious to see what comes of the “…get to know our future customers. And then release a volume that matches the interest.”

  2. Greg says:

    I had some of this at a small tasting they did recently at the Brandy Library in New York. The First Edition is really fine stuff. Malt style, a little spicy, some very interesting fruits, and just enough peat to keep you interested.

    They also had some small custom bottles of other whiskies they’re playing with – including one that is 100% wood barrels from Sweden, and malt smoked with elderberry branches vs. peat. This one was VERY interesting. Young but not 100 aggressive. Very well made with some of the familiar notes of what I guess is their house style (e.f. the First Edition) but different enough to really stand out from the crowd. They don’t yet bottle this one but I’m sure they will sometime in the future. They can’t keep this to themselves!

    Very excited for this to come to the US next year.

  3. Lucas says:

    I recently met lovely Swedish couple who claim it’s almost impossible to get in Sweden. In Edinburgh I have virtually no chance:( Unless one of the mentioned “other markets” is actually Scotland. Unlikely:P

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