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Hangover-free whisky?

February 23rd, 2009

An Australian company has introduced a new whisky, called Naked Scot, which they claim will reduce the effect of a  hangover if you overdo it a bit. They say it’s because their whisky is free from pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides which, they suggest, causes hangovers. You can read one of the better stories on the issue (and a bottle shot of the whisky) here.

(They also make a line of rums called Kinky Rum. I was wondering.  If Naked Scot prevents hangovers, does Kinky Rum eliminate the need for Viagra? )

Two issues appear to have arisen regarding their claim. The first is whether it actually will get rid of hangovers. (Some suggest that dehydration plays a large role in causing hangovers.) The second one is that this implies that there are pesticides in the rest of the Scotch whiskies being sold, which isn’t pleasing the Scotch Whisky Association. This is all laid out in the link I reference above.

Maybe what they say is true–that it won’t cause hangovers. But not because it’s free from pesticides. Maybe this three year old whisky tastes so unpleasant that no one will want to drink enough of it to cause a hangover! The proof is in the pudding (or whisky, in this case), so I would like to try it before making any assumptions or accusations. (Although, Kinky Rum sounds a lot more inviting.)

8 Responses to “Hangover-free whisky?”

  1. Neil Fusillo says:

    Hangovers are caused by the alcohol, which decreases the oxygenation of your blood (causing dehydration and dizziness), and which negatively affects your body’s ability to process basic energy like glucose.

    The only sure way they can decrease the hangover would be to water the alcohol down to the point that it is a negligible presence in solution.

    I hope they don’t CHARGE much for this ‘service’ 😉

  2. Sam S. says:

    Interesting claim.
    Since I never drink to excess, I won’t find any need for it.
    Well, the rare holiday may be an exception…

  3. Joe Maissel says:

    One of the best recent hangover articles I’ve read is found here:

  4. Tim B. says:

    Seems to me that what they’ve got here is an “organic” whisky. Perhaps that would be a better, or more accurate, way to market it. In any case, I think that hangovers have been around a lot longer than synthetic pesticides…

  5. butephoto says:

    Marketing people will tell you anything. Another case of style over substance.

  6. John Hansell says:

    Yes, the most important thing (to me) about a whisky is that I enjoy it, not whether I feel good if I drank too much (which rarely happens).

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