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Great news: I’m now on Twitter!

February 24th, 2009

Look at the right-hand column of this blog. You’ll see there’s a new “What I’m Doing” section below my “Recent Posts.” This is my new Twitter account, which I have linked here to What Does John Know? via one of my blog software “plugins”.

Many times I find out about something that would be of interest to you and very timely, but it’s not big enough to post a formal blog about it. Twitter is designed to be quick, easy, and short. And it’s easy for me to do on my Blackberry. For those of you who have WDJK? on your RSS feed, you can also do the same for my twitter postings (called “tweets”).

Here’s the scoop. I try to blog every day, and I think I’m getting you a lot of good information–before most other people find out about it. Twitter will now allow me to get information to you even faster and more frequently! And I might use this platform for somewhat less formal postings too, which I think you will enjoy.

So, when you come to check out my blog postings, don’t forget to look at the right-hand column for my tweets under “What I’m doing.” Even if I haven’t blogged that day, there’s a good chance I tweeted at least once.

8 Responses to “Great news: I’m now on Twitter!”

  1. Patrick Cu says:

    Great addition to the site, John. This is honestly the best use of Twitter that I’ve heard of, so far.

    • John Hansell says:

      Thanks Patrick. Yes, I’ve been aware of Twitter for quite a while now, but I finally came to the conclusion that it would really serve a purpose here on WDJK. So, I pulled the trigger and got it all set up. Should be fun.

  2. butephoto says:

    Agreed. Not a fan of Twitter but this is showing good use of it! Looking forward to many insights, John.

  3. Joe Maissel says:

    Sweet! I’m in.

  4. Cool to hear John! My brother uses it too and has told me it’s great for keeping informed and informing others. I’ll check it out!

  5. You may want to check out “Twhisky” on Twitter – they organise online Tastings on Twitter: the next is on march 8th. Quite an interesting concept with the international participants, although certainly not to replace a real sit-together… 🙂
    But anyway, good to get your updates there as well!

  6. Shipsa01 says:

    That’s great to hear, John.

    I had a quick question that maybe you could help me out with. Do you have a recipe for Rock and Rye. I remember my grandmother used to make it, but she’s long gone and I have no recipe. I was hoping to whip up a bottle in this cold weather. Thanks

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