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Compass Box Whisky is filled with “Optimism”

February 28th, 2009

Optimism the whisky, that is. They’ve introduced a new whisky yesterday in London called Optimism. Here are some excerpts from the press release I received yesterday.

Artisan Scotch whiskymakers Compass Box have managed to bottle Optimism as a hopeful antidote to the global economic malaise.
“The more that people are optimistic about the future, the faster we will pull ourselves out of this depressed economic state,” says John Glaser, Compass Box whiskymaker.   “This is our small effort to try to help the world economy.”

Optimism by Compass Box is a vatted malt Scotch whisky with a rich, sweet, peaty character, bottled at 44 percent and available for £40 per bottle. It is a limited release whisky that will not be repeated before the next global recession.

I tried to post  an image of it up here that came with the press release, but it wouldn’t import. (Sorry about that.)

5 Responses to “Compass Box Whisky is filled with “Optimism””

  1. Don Mowat says:

    Has the Compass Box marketing department outdone itself? They should send John a bottle of Optimism and let him see if it measures up.

  2. Davin de Kergommeaux says:

    John, Don,

    I had the opportunity to try Optimism yesterday and indeed it does live up to the Compass Box “house style” of fun whisky. It is a vatted malt based on Clyneish with some Caol Ila and a dash of Laphroaig. The whiskies came out of both American Oak and French Oak. It reminded me of the Magic Cask which Compass Box did in 2006. It is bottled at 44%, coincidently one percentage point for each US president to date. It feels really good in your mouth, mouth-filling and a bit slippery with a taste of ashes under a very sweet and spicy palate. In the background I could taste mustard which everyone else seems to get in Clynelish but I rarely do. The nose was mildly smokey but also I detected faint hints of pickles. Tasting, unfortunately under far from ideal conditions and with too large a glass.

    Specialty malt shops are reporting increased sales, and Diageo, though way off predictions, are still in growth. Optimism may indeed be warranted and suitably named.


  3. John Hansell says:

    Regarding availability, here’s what John told me:

    “We made OPTIMISM just for Whisky Live London, where we bottled about 170 bottles by hand. We sold most of them there, but we have a few dozen left which we are offering to our club members.”

    Excellent idea, John

  4. Red_Arremer says:

    Damn. It breaks my heart every time I hear about another Compass Box bottling that I’ll never be able to taste.

    Does anyone know how one gets to be a club member?

  5. Malt Madness says:

    I think you may be able to get a bottle at The Wine Circle rumour has it they have a few bottles hiding

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