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And the name of the new Jura whisky collection is…

March 24th, 2009

Back in February, Willie Tait from Isle of Jura whisky, told us about a new line of whiskies that will debut later this year, and he asked us to guess the name of the new collection. Anyone guessing the new line’s name will get their name thrown in a hat to win the new collection (among other prizes). You can review his guest blog here.

Well, this is straight from Willie. Here, in his words, is the name of the new collection–and the people who correctly guessed the name of the new.

Now that the blog is exhausted, I can now reveal we have four worthy winners.

The new collection is called “The Paps of Jura.”

Below are the four people who guessed the  name correctly. Can they please email me with full names and address. Will announce the winner at our whisky fest in early June. The first out the hat, will win the collection and the two runners up, will get a copy of Richard Paterson’s book.
The call numbers:
19 Mike Dereszynski
28 Tim F
36 Antti s
37 Lori c.

So, congratulation to the four of you. Please email Willie ( privately so he can get your names and other info to be included in the prize drawing.

3 Responses to “And the name of the new Jura whisky collection is…”

  1. Aye Willie says:

    Hi John
    A big thanks from an auld distiller, on his first blog.
    All of the answers were great and we may even use one in the future.
    Keep up with your good work, our whisky heritage depends on it.


  2. Todd says:

    So Willie, you’re a Paps-man, eh?

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