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Yep, we screw up too!

March 26th, 2009

Long term readers of Malt Advocate know that we always try to be fair and balanced in our writing. Sometimes even we fail to live up to our own standards. This happened with our cover story in our last issue on craft distilling here in the U.S. We didn’t include the Anchor Distillery, makers of Old Potrero, the first of a now-growing number of craft whiskey distillers. How could we do something that silly?
Well, the intent of the piece was to introduce our readers to the new craft distillers making whisky this past decade. For reasons too long to explain here, we actually ended up including some of the veteran craft distillers, but completely forgot Anchor, and the pioneering influence they had on craft distilling (not to mention the great whiskey they continue to make.)
We are not trying to make excuses for ourselves, but sometimes something a whiskey (or person or distillery) is so obvious to us because we are exposed to it all the time, we just (innocently) take it for granted. That’s what happened here and we apologize to Anchor, to Fritz Maytag and his staff for this. It was never our intention to keep them out of the story.

We’re not perfect. We make mistakes too. But when we do, we try to do our best to correct it.

10 Responses to “Yep, we screw up too!”

  1. Joe Maissel says:

    I always been a fan of Anchor beer, particularly Anchor Porter. In the last decade I feel their beer products have ceased to distinguish themselves among worthy competitors like Sierra Nevada, Brooklyn, and Rogue.

    Their whiskey is interesting. But it’s too novel to take a significant place among the all the great American whiskey available today. And, it’s way overpriced. For Fritz to imagine he’s playing in the same league as Parker Beam’s Heritage collection or Buffalo Trace’s Antique collection is pure fancy and hubris. Were his whiskies in the $30 a bottle range, I’d keep some around (I often have a bottle of Junipero around) – but north of $50…not a chance.

    • John Hansell says:

      Joe, most of the small craft distillers here in the U.S. have higher price points. Economies of scale coming into play, perhaps? Or maybe the need to return a profit qicker than the big boys, which are already established?

  2. Bill H. says:

    Have to disagree, Joe. While I’d order Rogue over those others any day (we get Dead Guy out here in NYC, but its rare), I think Anchor is far superior to Sierra Navada and especially to Brooklyn, whose lager, ubiquitous on draft here, I find conspicuously dull and the weakest of the Brooklyn range, so it’s always a pleasure to find the rare bar with Anchor on draft.

  3. Joe Maissel says:

    Bill, I’m happy to disagree on Brooklyn. I would describe Brooklyn Lager as conspicuously well balanced and satisfying. Evidently we agree on Dead Guy Ale (plentiful just outside NYC where I live). Would probably be fun to discuss over a beer!

    John, my knowledge in this area falls off pretty sharply after Old Potrero and Hudson Whiskies, both of which fall woefully short of the mark in terms of price/performance. They’ll get novelty/curiosity dollars from me (meaning a one time take-a-chance purchase), but no repeat business, no recommendations to friends, etc. Also, I think $35 is nice price point for a quality domestic product. It’s not a mass production price, neither is it a high-end price. When I think of all the amazing American whiskey I can have in $40 dollar range, why would I consistenly spring for a middling micro?

  4. MrTH says:

    The real problem with Old Potrero is I can’t get it! It seems to have a very short season (so to speak), and I don’t know when it is. If I don’t happpen to be looking the one or two weeks it’s available around here, I miss out.

    Bill, what’s the name of that little place on the same street as McSorley’s, with all of twelve or fourteen seats, that has Anchor products on draft? Or did. It’s been years….

  5. David K. says:

    John, we don’t mind the mistake, really. Just send us each a bottle of Old Potrero and we’ll forget all about it. Haha

  6. butephoto says:

    Having tasted Old Potrero I say, how could you! Haha.

    We’re all human.

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