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The new GlenDronach releases

March 31st, 2009

I just received a press release on GlenDronach. They told me about their new webstite, but they also let us know what the new line of whiskies will be. Here’s the info, directly from the press release:

The three exceptional malts coming to the market on April 6 and creating the GlenDronach “Core Range”. The popular 12-year-old “Original”; the iconic GlenDronach 15-year-old, now christened “Revival”; and the magnificent 18-year-old, named “Allardice” as a fond tip of the hat to its colourful founder.

I’m looking forward to trying the new range.

7 Responses to “The new GlenDronach releases”

  1. jazz lover says:

    John will these 3 make it to the U.S ?

  2. John,

    Thanks for making time to post this the day before your big day in Chi-town. Like “jazz lover,” I, too, am eager to know if we’ll get these in the USA.


    two-bit cowboy

  3. butephoto says:

    I like the new website a lot. Classy and to the point.

    Really looking forward to trying the whiskies too.

  4. John Hansell says:

    Jazz Lover,

    I’m sore they will get here to the U.S. I’ll see if I can find out when at WhiskyFest tonight.

  5. Rick Duff says:

    There is a nice review of the 15 & 18 on:

  6. DavidG says:

    I don’t believe it is coming to the States in the very near future. I checked the US Treasury TTB site and the haven’t attempted to register any new labels. That process itself takes several months. But I must say I am looking forward to their arrival.

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