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New Springbank 18 yr. old is tasting pretty good!

April 3rd, 2009

I enjoyed a wee taste of the new Springbank 18 year old while out in Chicago for WhiskyFest. Keep in mind that this was an informal tasting as I was working my way through many whiskies. That said, my initial thoughts of this whisky are that it’s pretty good.

I was told by the importer to expect it here in the U.S. in the next month and a half or so. I’ll be getting a sample then and I’ll review it formally and let you know my thoughts. I didn’t ask how much it was going to cost, but if you like Springbank I think you’ll enjoy this one. I’m told there will be 7,800 bottles available worldwide.

It’s mostly 18 years old with a small amount of 19 & 20 year old whiskies thrown in. Most of the whisky is sherry cask aged, but it’s not dominated by sherry like some bottlings have been over the years. That’s because a most of the whisky is from second and refill casks, according to Peter Currie from the Distillery. Indeed, I thought there was a good balance of flavors.

Here’s even more good news. Some of the stocks are being held back until they are bottled next year, so you will have another chance to buy some.

Their triple-distilled Hazelburn becomes 12 year old this year, and they will be bottling it in July, so keep an eye out for that.

And before you ask, yes, I also inquired about Longrow, the peated version of Springbank. The next bottling of Longrow 18 year old will not be until 2011. Patience, my friends. Patience.

7 Responses to “New Springbank 18 yr. old is tasting pretty good!”

  1. Louis says:

    Will federal bailout money be required to purchase a bottle?

  2. Neil Fusillo says:

    The Springbank 15 is pricey enough. I can’t imagine the 18 being reasonable. But I suppose we’ll see.

  3. Red_Arremer says:

    Hazelburn 12 yo! I can’t wait– the 8 stands out to me as one of the freshest whiskies I’ve ever had and it wasn’t entirely unaffordable either (hope they stick with that).

  4. John,

    Our importer here in Alberta already has a couple of bottles, and I thought the whisky was very good. Perhaps not as good as the Longrow 18Yr, but it will be considerably more reasonably priced. We are looking at retailing it for $150-175 Canadian.

    As for the Hazelburn 12Yr, I am looking forward to trying it. I am not crazy about the current 8Yr, it hasn’t lived up the the Limited Edition First Release.



  5. Todd says:

    Cool, I miss the 21 yo Springbank (and it’s price, $85-90). Is the new Springbank 18 obscenely expensive like the new Laphroaig 25 yo? Is it too late to get a job a AIG?

  6. John Hansell says:

    Todd, I was lucky enough to stash a couple bottles of the Springer 21 away when it was available and affordable, but they varied a lot in the sherry content. It’s nice to see an 18 coming of age.

    Neil, I don’t think there will be any bargains with these new whiskies, but hopefully they will be “reasonable”.

    Andrew, you guys up north of the border always get the whiskies before us. Please pass on your thoughts.

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