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Kilchoman: Own the first bottle from the first cask

May 6th, 2009

Spirit from Kilchoman, the newest Islay distillery, turns three years old in September and can legally be called whisky. You can own the first bottle of whisky taken from the very first cask. It’s being auctioned off for charity during the Islay whisky festival (Feis Ile) coming up later this month, but you don’t have to be there to participate.

Here are the details:

Kilchoman Distillery to Auction a Piece of History from Whisky Cask No.1
With its very first single malt being launched on 9th September this year, Kilchoman Distillery on the western isle of Islay is giving water of life connoisseurs an opportunity of a whisky lifetime.

On the 28th May, Kilchoman Distillery will auction one bottle of the three year old malt out of the very first cask that was filled in December 2005. The limited edition bottle will have a unique design and will be the only one of its kind. It is set to be a dream come true for whisky collectors and fans of Kilchoman.

The auction takes place at Kilchoman Distillery’s Open Day on Thursday 28th May at 12.30pm, during Feis Ile, the Islay Festival of Malt & Music. All proceeds of the auction will go to local Islay charities.

Anthony Wills, Founder & Managing Director of Kilchoman Distillery said: “We are looking forward to welcoming people from all over the world through the doors of Kilchoman Distillery during the festival. We have a very exciting year ahead, making history in the whisky industry and across the world.”

He added: “We are delighted to auction the limited edition bottle of our very first single malt to one lucky person. It is an excellent opportunity to take home a piece of Kilchoman History and we hope it will raise a considerable amount of money for local charities.”

The much anticipated single malt has been getting seals of approval from a very young age. The one month old Kilchoman spirit has received a remarkable score of 94 out of 100 in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2008, rating it as a “superstar whisky that gives us all a reason to live!” In April 2009, the two year old spirit sold out on the first day of the Limburg Whisky Fair in Germany.

Kilchoman Distillery prides itself in taking whisky back to its roots and is the first distillery to be built on Islay for 124 years. A visit to Kilchoman Distillery gives everyone the opportunity to see all that is best in the grass-roots traditions of malt whisky distilling – from barley to bottle. The distillery location, Rockside Farm is said to grow the best malting barley on the island.

Kilchoman Distillery is accepting telephone and email bids 30 minutes prior to the auction. Please telephone 01496 850011 or email For more information on Kilchoman Distillery, announcements and events please visit

2 Responses to “Kilchoman: Own the first bottle from the first cask”

  1. Harvey Fry says:

    i don’t know about th’1st bottle BUT i can
    & will enthusiastically endorse th’contents
    of both those that came before (New Spirit,
    several months to several years old) & will
    be coming after (3 years) it’s allowed to
    be called whisky. for those of you who’re fond
    of cask strength new make or other young Islay
    dynamite, it may also be as good a deal as you are
    likely to come by any time soon. Royal Mile Whiskies (.com)
    presently has a 2 year old from ’06 (61.3%)
    for 24.30 GBP (ex-vat) th’70cl bottle plus
    shipping. if that (cask 304/2006) is gone
    by th’time you order, they have a 2nd cask
    due in shortly. i like it so much, i’ve
    already ordered th’next one. if you just want to try
    a wee taste, they also have
    (a bit overpriced) miniatures of 1 month,
    1 year & 2 year make. + i wouldn’t be all
    that surprised if th’price went up after
    th’whisky world finds out about it at Feis
    Ile. after trying half a dozen different
    expressions, i’ll go with Big Jim & make
    ’em all at least 90^ i guess it’d be
    appropriate to close with: “get ’em while
    they’re hot!”

  2. John Hansell says:

    Harvey, I tasted a few different spirit samples when I toured the distillery two years ago and was very impressed. I can’t wait to taste the legal whisky from this distillery.

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