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Review: Isle of Skye 8 yr. old

May 15th, 2009

Isle of Skye, 8 year old, 43%, $29
What a surprise! Really thick and malty for a blend (there’s a high malt content here for sure) and also nicely mature for 8 years old. Great balance too with the island aggressiveness tamed by a rich, malty elegance. Delicious honey, toasted oak, firm peat, dark chocolate and glazed citrus meld nicely with the malt, leading to honeyed, lightly peppered finish. Very enjoyable! (A 12 year old expression will be released to the U.S. later this fall, which I look forward to trying.)

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 84

2 Responses to “Review: Isle of Skye 8 yr. old”

  1. Mark Davis says:

    I discovered Isle of Skye at the Whisky Shop in San Francisco. Two things jumped out at me immediately, first the price is amazingly reasonable ($25~$29 here in CA) and the name of Skye. I know that there’s only one distillery on Skye and that any blen with that name was likely to have a high Talisker content.

    I’m a fan of Talisker and knowing that the 8 is only the youngest whisky in the bottle I had to try it. My gamble was rewarded with this wonderful discovery; a well balanced blend that captures the essence of island whiskies. It’s a whisky I could drink every day and not go to the poor house for it. My other daily favorites are Johnnie Walker Green and Black Label.

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