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Review: Glenmorangie Sonnalta

May 28th, 2009

Glenmorangie Sonnalta PX, 46%, $70
The first of Glenmorangie’s new “Private Collection” line of whisky for Travel Retail. This one is finished in Pedro Ximenez (PX) sherry. With PX being so rich and intense and Glenmorangie spirit is so subtly complex and delicate, does the sherry dominate here? No, it doesn’t. Still, this is viscous and very textural for a Glenmorangie. I’m picking up rhum agricole drenched with honeyed apricot, toffee almond, chocolate covered raisin, glazed citrus, and cherry pits, all leading to a leathery, tobacco tinged, finish. A visceral whisky with plenty of grip. Great for after dinner.

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 90

P.S. I’m waiting to get confirmation on the price. My press release didn’t specify, but I have been seeing it listed as this price from various sources.

8 Responses to “Review: Glenmorangie Sonnalta”

  1. Rich says:

    i just cashed my Glenmorangie 25 Quarter Century with some friends over the weekend. sounds like this bottling might make a good replacement…

  2. Todd says:

    I was holding off on commenting as long as possible on this post while it had the fitting zero number of comments, befitting Glenmorangie’s (actually LVMHs) alienation of real whisky drinkers with all of their recent marketing twaddle with this otherwise fine distillery.

    Sonnalta …… sounds like a sleep medication. LVMH, why couldn’t this be called “Glenmorangie XX yo PX Finish”?

    LVMH marketing staff should keep their grubby mitts out of Glenmorangie’s operations – and the obnoxious new perfume bottle design should be retired ASAP. I’m not buying Glenmorangie so long as it is peddled as “precious luxury beverage”.


  3. eric says:

    sold at glenmorangie distillery for 75 GBP (oct 2009)

  4. Scottish says:

    Todd. Sonnalta is a Scottish Gaelic word. As an industry insider I can tell you that the actual business of making the whisky at Glenmorangie is entirely left in the talented hands of Dr Bill Lumsden.

    Sonnalta PX is mightly fine whisky. If you dont want to buy Glenmorangie then thats fine, as there will be more of it for me.

    If you were actually a “real whisky drinker” you might have known all of the above before ranting online…

  5. DavidG says:

    I know this may be an older thread, but…..
    I went back and tasted the Glenmorangie Lasanta side-by-side with the Sonnalta. I found them to be remarkably similar – with the marked difference being the $30 in additional cost for the Sonnalta and the fact that the sherry finishing is specifically PX as opposed to a generalized sherry finish.
    John, I noticed you scored the LaSanta a 77 – did you try them side-by-side and what did you find so different between the two?

  6. […] is the follow-up to Sonnalta PX, which I liked. For now, at least, it is only available in Travel Retail. Details […]

  7. Thomas Chen says:

    $CAD 89.99 in BC Liquor Store

  8. Jeremy says:

    I know this is an old post, but PA has is special ordered at $80 and I managed to get my hands on a bottle in NJ for $73. I have also seen it an another store in NJ for $80. It is a very very tasty pour.

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