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A good, quick, “Whisky 101” read

June 14th, 2009

A few posts ago, we discussed briefly how WDJK is a blog for all levels of whisky drinkers. Yes, we have some very seasoned veterans participating here, and we also engage in some pretty serious topics at times. But I also want to make sure we are covering the fundamentals.

Last November The Wall Street Journal ran a 3,000 word article I wrote on whisky in an attept to lure in some whisky advertising.  It was titled “Understanding Whisky” and included some good, basic fundamental information on how whisky is made, the different types of whisky, how to appreciate it, reading a whisky label, and conducting a whisky tasting.

We have a version of it up on the Malt Advocate Website here. Have a quick read. Hopefully you will learn something.

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