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Don’t forget to go back

June 23rd, 2009

I’ve been blogging (and tweeting) quite a bit lately. This is partly because there’s been a lot to talk about.

Some of the existing threads have continued to develop long after I posted up new topics. Don’t forget to go back and revisit them.

10 Responses to “Don’t forget to go back”

  1. John Hansell says:

    In fact, I might take a couple of days off, just to encourage you to go back and get caught up.

  2. MrTH says:

    That’s the problem with the blog format–it’s relatively ephemeral by its nature. I think that’s why a lot of folks would like to see a forum set-up here. Maybe some sort of hybrid format, more tightly controlled than most forums, but more open and less linear than this.

  3. Harvey Fry says:

    thanks John= if you periodically put up a reminder like this, i think it’ll go a long
    way toward solving the problem. other than
    this, i think our present format is just

  4. John Hansell says:

    Thanks Harvey for the vote of confidence.

    Mr TH, I think that there are already too many forums out there at the moment. Let’s see how the other ones play out.

  5. MrTH says:

    To paraphrase Mr Berra, if people don’t want to do it, how you gonna stop ’em? No problem, as you wish, John, but I do find this format a little frustrating–once a topic drops down a bit, it’s out-of-sight, out-of-mind, and it’s very easy to miss replies to things. I also find the window-within-window difficult to use once the thread gets over a few posts long. But none of that will stop me from checking in here–the content is too good. Will stand on one foot and hold a hand over one eye if required.

  6. John Hansell says:

    Thanks MrTH. I understand your frustration. Maybe this blog will evolve into something bigger in the future. For now, we can make the best of what we have.

  7. Harvey Fry says:

    ^steady-as-you-go^=^+ hoohoo & watchyahead^

  8. Todd says:

    I go back periodically and check earlier interesting posts – and yes, traffic tends to fall off. Is there any easy way to set up a flag indicating most recent posts on the topics list and/or a recent posts list? Or do these things define a forum?

  9. butephoto says:

    @ MrTH – I always view the blog out of the frame at this url:

  10. butephoto says:

    I think you can get a WordPress plugin that gives you a list of the ‘most commented’ posts. Possibly a way of keeping busy discussions visible?

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