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Prestige Whisky: New online whisky shop

June 30th, 2009

There’s a new online whisky shop. They even will ship to the U.S. (for a fee). I had a quick look at the site, and they have some whiskies already posted up, along with a few books. I didn’t really check out the prices and how competitive they are. I also have no involvement with them. I’m just passing along the information. If you want to have a look, the press release I received is below, along with the link to their site and blog.

Announcing an exciting new ‘recession proof’ web based business specialising in rare and exclusive whisky that wants to capitalise on its expertise in the rare and exclusive whisky sector.
After twelve months of painstaking market research, product sourcing and web development, Prestige Whisky is really proud to announce our official on-line launch with effect from 23rd of June 2009. We’re working in partnership with a mixture of massive whisky brand owners and smaller independent distilleries. All of our support partners are local British firms where possible. For example our delivery company is a small firm based in Elgin, chosen because of the service synergies they offer our business whilst maintaining the Scottish roots. 
Despite the effects of the credit crunch, Prestige Whisky are excited about the prospects for our new website bringing the best in rare and exclusive whisky to our customers.
We want to cheer up the nation and feel our focus on whisky as an aspirational lifestyle choice will enable both the connoisseur and new convert to whisky to enjoy some really fine examples of the ‘water of life’.
With some really exciting bottles available from as little as thirty five pounds rising to several thousands of pounds we feel we have something in our range to suit everyone.
As well as simply retailing whisky we will also be providing advice and feedback to our customers both over the phone and via our up to the minute news service. We’ll also be launching special additional shopping and whisky sourcing/auction services during our first few months of trading.
Find out more details about our approach at our website at  and our blog
We are an ambitious new United Kingdom based business founded in 2008 who feel that at a time of economic downturn it’s our duty to set up and grow a thriving business which is fun  and shows the ‘naysayers’ that Britain is not on it’s knees. In fact quite the contrary – At Prestige Whisky we believe that the British people know when to let their hair down and have a ‘wee dram’, whilst at the same time supporting the work ethic which drives Prestige Whisky forward. We’re also at pains to make sure our local communities benefit from our success and we’ll bear this in mind when we need to recruit pro-active and skilled people from within the UK.

We feel that although we are starting small this business has massive potential even as the credit crunch bites. People still need something to cheer them up and also to enjoy giving to friends and colleagues. With our unique ethos, custom designed website, exciting product range, expert knowledge and commitment to customer quality we view 2009 as a massively exciting time to be launching a new business.
Check out our  website at

For more information, comment or detail please contact :
Philip Knight, Partner
Prestige Whisky
0845 6254395

15 Responses to “Prestige Whisky: New online whisky shop”

  1. Tim F says:

    It really gets me down when people rip off my notes. I guess I should be flattered but it makes my blood boil, especially when it’s a direct competitor.

  2. John Hansell says:

    Tim, if they did this without crediting you, then you should ask them to either credit you (with your permission, of course) or simply remove your notes from the site.

    I tried following the links, but couldn’t find it. Is it your tasting notes or general description/overview?

  3. Neil Fusillo says:

    Wow… they ship to the US all right. But it’s steep. £50 for shipping. Plus insurance. Granted, that appears to be a flat rate, so it would be great if you planned to purchase a couple of cases, but their prices appear to be on the average side if anything.

    I’m assuming their selection will increase over time, but for now, it’s a little sparse.

    Still… always good to see another option out there.

  4. Rich says:

    at this point, i concur with the consensus. it’s always nice to have another option, but at first glance, they’re selling the Laphroaig 25 year 40% for roughly the same price i bought the second-release Laphroaig 25 year 50.9%.

    i’ll keep an eye out, though. most merchants have discounts and sales from time to time… 😉

  5. Tim F says:

    John, it’s the distillery information. He’s taken out a few phrases from the first couple of paragraphs and cut-and-pasted the rest lock stock and barrel.

  6. Harvey Fry says:

    we do substantial business with RMW & TWE,
    both of which ship to the USA, usually by
    Parcel Force.

    shipping & insurance costs vary but, even assuming Prestige’s much higher product prices’d allow them to absorb some of those costs, i don’t think it’s likely they’re gonna be competitive in that area either.

    beyond that, they’ve so far so few things
    for sale, i’d have to give them at least
    6 months to shape up before i’d bother to
    check back. +, the site itself is just
    plain bush.

    a stone loser.

  7. B.J. Reed says:

    I would stick with Royal Mile Whiskies or Loch Fyne if you are thinking of shipping stuff from the U.K. – Prices are competitive, service is excellent and shipping costs are very appropriate. Doesn’t mean this site might not have some unique offerings but I work and trust Stuart and Richard to be honest, fair and hard to beat in terms of customer response.

  8. John Hansell says:


    I sent Phil Knight at Prestige Whisky an email inviting him to give us his side of the story. No response yet.

    I did notice that there is no source given to the tasting notes they post up, so I just assumed that it is their own. Now I’m not so sure. Given the image they are trying to portray on their website, the last thing they want is a controversy over ethics.

  9. Tim F says:

    Some of the tasting notes I saw on the site looked vaguely familiar. I’m guessing Whisky Magazine or Michael Jackson.

  10. Phil Knight says:

    Good day to everyone, first of all thanks to John for including the press release on his blog.

    As a number of people have alluded to in the above comments, we’re a very new business and still finding our feet.

    With reference to distillery and tasting notes we have used a range of sources including some competitors and of course the Michael Jackson amongst others. I personally didn’t create most, it was a colleague but regardless would say that in our enthusiastic rush to launch we probably haven’t credited people where appropriate – Tim, please,please feel free to e-mail me with either offending bits you’d like removed or how you’d like me to phrase any crediting. I really don’t want to offend or ‘rip off’ anyone. I think (hope) that there’s enough space in the market for all of us (we’re not likely to be competing with the likes of Royal Mile or Whisky Exchange for some years to come !

    As above and in interests of openess I’d welcome comments either via the site or to my e-mail address. (

    Incidentally, the e-mail from John hasn’t arrived as of yet but hopefully the above covers most of the queries.



  11. John Hansell says:


    Thanks for addressing the issue. I’m glad you found us. (My email to you got stuck in my “out box”–problem with Outlook and my local server.)

    I think it is important for the viability of your site to credit the appropriate source for any material you are posting that isn’t original. (And also to get their permission.)

  12. John M says:

    Good luck with the new venture, Phil.

  13. Phil Knight says:

    Thanks John, I’m extremely excited and pleased with the new Prestige Whisky site and interest to date.

    Enjoying your blog and have put it into my google reader.



  14. Phil Knight says:

    Should have said in my last comment above – very pleased to receive feedback from my peers and will be taking peoples comments both positive and negative into account.


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