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New Ardbeg in September. Guess what it is?

July 15th, 2009

I was just informed that there will be a new Ardbeg release to the U.S. this September. I know what it is, but I promised to no tell anyone until September.

In fact, I have a sample. I am drinking it, and it is really good!!

Is it a new bottling of Ardbeg? Is it an existing Ardbeg that still has not yet been imported to the U.S.? I’m not giving you any clues.

Why don’t you take a guess and tell us what you think it is?

24 Responses to “New Ardbeg in September. Guess what it is?”

  1. I have read that somewhere as well. And yes, Corryvreckan is an incredible whisky. One of the best releases of Ardbeg in the last couple of years…

  2. Tim F says:

    It’s the worst-kept ‘secret’ in the malt community here that Corryvreckan will be replacing Airigh nam Beist when the latter runs out. Hopefully you guys will be getting it as well, the Committee Release version from last year is a very enjoyable whisky.

  3. John Hansell says:

    So, we have three for Corry. What do the rest of you think?

  4. Whisky Party says:

    I’m with the Corryvreckan. I’ve read a lot about it from British sites, but not so much in America.

    I picked up a bottle of the Airigh Nam Beist yesterday in preparation for its discontinuation.

  5. John M says:

    Just to be different, I’m going for Ardbeg A’buhadh.

    I also heard the Corryvreckan will be released in the US. I wonder (if it’s correct), will it be the very same as the committee release.

  6. Sku says:

    I was hoping for Renaissance, but I suppose that’s a pretty limited release.

  7. Joe says:

    I’ll say Blasda, for the fun of it.

  8. PeterD says:

    Sad to hear that they’re discontinuing AnB, which is by far and away my favourite of all the Ardbegs currently available in either the U.S. or the U.K.

    I’ll gladly try Corry (or whatever it ultimately turns out to be), but I’ll miss my beastie!

  9. B.J. Reed says:

    Yeah, I think Corryvreckan is the likely choice (its wonderful), Blasda is a possibility as well – Its so different I don’t know If I would call it Ardbeg – Springbank is to Hazleburn as Ardbeg is to ……

    I know, Lord of the Isles!

  10. bgulien says:

    Corryvreckan for me as well. Indeed one of the worst kept secrets.
    I am stocking up on the Beast. I have acouple of 2008 bottlings which I intend to trickle feed into my liver.
    I still have a Corry from last year. One of the best drams made by Ardbeg and if pressed, better, by a small margin, then the Renaissance.

  11. Whisky Party says:

    Re: Blasda, I would be interested in seeing them release that as well as the Corryvreckan here in the States. Especially at a relatively low price point. The limited release was MUCH too expensive for what you got.

    I wrote a post summing this up: Ardbeg Blasda at Black Bottle Prices Would Be the Awesome Sauce:

    Blasda could be a really great intro-to-Islay scotch. If you priced it at $50 or lower, I think you could dominate the lower end of the market for Islays.

  12. DavidG says:

    My guess was Corryvreckan as well. I have basically confirmed it via the TTB website. They got label approval on 06/19/2009. Can’t wait to try it, I have heard such wonderful things – can’t wait for your review of it as well.

  13. Todd says:

    I’m going with Corryvrekan, Gordon (SOI) noted in recent correspondence in the context of the Committee vs standard Ardbeg Supernova that we are due the Corry (and unlike the Supernova, the standard release is different vatting than the Committee).

    Hope the new standard release vatting is as good as the Committee bottling!

  14. an donas says:

    Ardbeg A’ Bunadh? That would be worth it!

    I’m going for Corryvreckan or maybe Queen Margot?

  15. jazz lover says:

    My sources say Corry.

  16. Hey John,

    I am going to step out on a ledge and say Supernova, unless that was already launched in the US. A bottlings of Supernova just for the US. We Canadians weren’t considered worthy enough eventhough I’ve been hounding them for it for a year!

    I have a couple of Corryvreckans, and would be thrilled if they did another bottling of it. Hopefully some of that would make it north of the border into Canada!

    Andrew Ferguson

  17. John M says:

    Ardbeg Quinta Ruban?

  18. John Hansell says:

    Andrew, yes, we have Supernova here already here in the U.S.

  19. Tim P says:

    My sources said the Corry would be later than September in the US, but I’d welcome it early.

    The General Release Supernova just landed at a few retailers in the beginning of July, and it should be at most stores by August.

    If new packaging counts, then the Uigeadail could be the one!!!

    Maybe the “New” TEN will finally reach the States, but I won’t make that my guess.

    If the Corry is the worst kept-secret, and the obvious choice, then I will go out on an even longer limb.

    My guess is that the US will receive it’s first Single Cask release from Ardbeg. Not likely, but I’ll let wishful thinking take over and hope for a 70’s cask and be more than happy with a 90’s cask.

    We can always hope…right?

  20. John Hansell says:

    Tim P, A single cask Ardbeg would be nice, wouldn’t it? Especially from the 70’s.

  21. Tim P says:


    It would be nice, and I better start saving my money if my “pipe” dream comes true.

    Is Cask 2399 in the warehouse?

  22. Todd says:

    Sorry Tim P, all future Ardbeg vintage 1970s single cask US releases have been de facto pre-allocated by over-pricing to Goldman Sachs managers and other Wall Street thieves who’ve legally pillaged our 401ks and our tax dollars.

  23. Schedule says:

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