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Unique WhiskyFest SF Whisky #2: The Dalmore

July 16th, 2009

On Monday I disclosed that there will be a rare bottle of Isle of Jura single malt at WhiskyFest San Francisco on October 16th, personally selected by Willie Tait.

I also revealed that there will be six unique bottles, from six different world renowned whiskymakers, for this charitable effort at WhiskyFest. Attendees will have the opportunity to sample any of these whiskies, for a donation to charity.

Well, here is the second of these six rare whiskies. This one is a Dalmore, and has been personally created by Whyte & Mackay’s master blender, Richard Paterson.

Here are the details of this special whisky, from Richard himself:

As you know we “Shine not Burn” hence we have created a one off decanter of Dalmore to reflect this very statement, it is called “ Moonshine “ ( nothing to connect with your illicit whisky )


Because as Neil Armstrong stepped onto the lunar surface for the very first time at 02.56 GMT on 21st July 1969, the new sprit of Dalmore down on Earth on this very same day was being transported onto the circular surface of American White Oak to begin its epic journey too.

At 2.56 GMT next Tuesday 21st July 2009 after having matured for 40 years we hope to land this special anniversary Dalmore Single Malt into our handcrafted crystal “Moon” decanter for one lucky recipient. The quality is out of this world and unlike Galileo Galilei’s ( 1564 – 1642 ) comments 400 years ago when he observed the surface of the moon, I can assure you it is indeed “smooth and uniform”                     
Transporting this decanter to America for this special occasion may prove more difficult than landing on the moon!

I am still working on its trajectory to you earthlings.

Until then Slainte Mhath


Thank you Richard. You rock!

Stay tuned for the details on the other four unique bottles of whisky debuting at WhiskyFest San Francisco for charity.

You are coming, right?

5 Responses to “Unique WhiskyFest SF Whisky #2: The Dalmore”

  1. Richard does rock, and every bottle of W&M, Jura and Dalmore proves it! I think he is equal to the blender in charge of Johnny Walker Red Label (yes, I do like single malts, just so all you “connoisseurs” out there know). Very kind regards to Jim and Richard!!

  2. sam k says:

    Awesome! AWESOME!!!

  3. Camilla Portman says:

    I had the unexpected pleasure of tasting the Dalmore 1974 and 40 year old single malts recently while attending an event with my fiance. Being a true whisky aficionado (more so than my fiance), this was a huge treat! We were told these two single malts will be available in very limited editions. Would you please let me know how I can get my hands on either one of these fine scotches? Thank you!

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