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BenRiach releases Limited Edition Batch #6

July 20th, 2009

This is just in this morning. 70cl bottles only, so none are coming to the U.S. (sigh…)

BenRiach Issues Limited Release Batch Six

The BenRiach Distillery Company has selected nine vintages for its sixth limited release batch.

They range fr19701035frontsetom a 38-year-old from 1970 to a 14-year-old from 1994 and will be bottled towards the end of July.

Regional Sales Director Alistair Walker said: “This is the sixth batch of BenRiach limited release single cask bottlings. Batch 1 was released in 2004 shortly after we took over the distillery and we have released a batch every year since. As a result, over the last five years these have built up quite a following.”

Batch Six includes classic Speyside styles and heavily peated BenRiachs, various wood finishes (Pedro Ximinez, Tawny Port, Gaja Barolo), and a very unusual 1977 (cask 3798) that has been matured exclusively in Virgin American Oak for thirty-one years.

Alistair added: “In terms of age and style, the range reflects the breadth and depth of whiskies maturing in our five dunnage warehouse in the Heart of Speyside. Each will be bottled at cask strength, with natural colour and non chill filtered. Bottles will be individually numbered by hand, and will be housed in a gift tube.”

Batch Six is being marketed in fifteen countries worldwide, with shipments scheduled to the UK, Europe, South Africa, Asia and New Zealand.

The full cask list is as follows:

1970 cask # 1035 / 38YO / PX Sherry Finish                               
1975 cask # 4450 / 33YO / Peated/Tawny Port Finish                                   
1977 cask # 3798 / 31YO / Full maturation in Virgin Oak                                           
1978   cask # 4414 / 31YO / Gaja Barolo Finish                                    
1978 cask # 7772 # 30YO / Classic Speyside                                                   
1984 cask # 1048 / 24YO / Peated / Pedro Ximinez Sherry Finish                                       
1988   cask # 4424 / 20YO / Gaja Barolo Finish                        
1990   cask # 970 / 19YO / Classic Speyside                                                     
1994   cask # 105100 / 14YO / Classic Speyside 

3 Responses to “BenRiach releases Limited Edition Batch #6”

  1. Rich says:

    hmmm… a Speysider aged 31 years in virgin oak? will that even be drinkable…? 😉

  2. John Hansell says:

    I’m sure they tasted it first–and they have a pretty good palate. We’ll have to wait and hear what others have to say.

  3. Euan says:

    I bet these Benriach casks are excellent. I recently tasted a number of peated Benriach cask samples distilled between 1984 and 1986 then matured in various wood finishes (a few were not finished). The overall quality was remarkably high and there were some top quality single casks among these. The best of the bunch were among the most interesting new whiskies I’ve tried this year.

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