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Unique WhiskyFest SF Whiskies #3-4: Glenfiddich and Balvenie

July 31st, 2009

As I mentioned in previous postings, a handful of distillery managers and master blenders have each agreed to make one unique bottle of whisky (bottle #1 of 1) for WhiskyFest San Francisco this October 16th. These whiskies will, naturally, be rarer than any other bottle of whisky the ever produced, because there is only one bottle. For a small donation to charity, you will have the opportunity to taste these whiskies.

I wrote about the first two whiskies from Jura here and Dalmore here. I am pleased to announce that we have two new unique whiskies: one from Balvenie, the other from Glenfiddich. Details, provided by them, follow.

David Stewart has spent a great deal of time over the last few years working with our Warehouse team on projects which require him to search out and identify exceptional single casks. As a result, David now has an intimate knowledge of where his personal favourites are within the Balvenie warehouses, many of which he has been carefully nurturing for several years. David’s unique bottling will be a single cask sampling drawn directly from one of this highly personal select, and will be accompanied by notes on his reasons for this particular choice.

Brian Kinsman has taken a very different approach. All exceptional bottlings of Glenfiddich, such as our annual Vintage Single Casks and award winning 40 year old, require cask samples to be sent to the nosing room for detailed assessment. These cask samples are retained long after the cask has long been bottled and savoured. They form a historical archive of Glenfiddich’s greatest and best. Brian will be selecting from these precious remnants to craft a unique and unrepeatable one-bottle “vatting” of Glenfiddich, including exceptional casks long since consigned to history.

Here is more information on WhiskyFest San Francisco. I hope to see you there.

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