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Details of Laphroaig 18’s arrival to the U.S.

August 11th, 2009

As many of you already know, Laphroaig 15 year old is being replaced by Laphroaig 18 year old. (That’s why you have been having trouble finding the 15 year old, if you’ve been looking.)

Here’s what I know about the ETA, etc., on the new 18 for the U.S., as told to me by their PR company:

It will start trickling in this summer. You’ll start to see it on shelves within the month. The price will be 20% higher than the 15 year, approximately $84.99.

I’ll be getting a review sample soon and will offer my thoughts.

16 Responses to “Details of Laphroaig 18’s arrival to the U.S.”

  1. Whisky Party says:

    $85 isn’t all that bad. Around NYC, it’s impossible to find the 15 year for less than $73. I’m willing to pay another $12 for 3 more years in the cask.

    I’d originally heard it would retail for around $100 which I was much less enthusiastic about . . .

  2. bgulien says:

    Believe me it’s more then 20% better

  3. Jeff H. says:

    If it actually comes down to $85, vs the $120 it’s going for right now in the few stores that have it, this is great!

    Maybe I can stop hoarding the 15 year. 🙂

  4. DavidG says:

    Unfortunately, I just spotted it on K&L’s website for $124.99 – are we really going to get it at “list”?

  5. Jon W says:

    It’s already listed on the PALCB website (I noticed it a few days ago) although the site shows no inventory. It has the price at about $57, but I have a feeling that is just a placeholder that will change when it’s actually stocked (I’ve seen that happen before).

    (Side note that PA is selling the 15 for about $52. I’d buy some if I had any shelf space. If they put it on closeout and lower the price further, I may have to make some space.)

  6. bgulien says:

    The 18 yo is way better then the 15 yo. I did hoard a few 15 yo bottles,but I quit, because it’s replaced by something much better.
    So anyone for a few 15 yo’s 😉

  7. Sean says:

    If it sells for $85 I will buy a bottle just to try it but if it stays at the $120 range (Beltramo’s has it at that price) then I will probably pass. Does anyone know of a place selling it for $85?

  8. John Hansell says:

    Guys, what I was given was the suggested retail price. I guess we’ll find out what the various retailers will charge. My guess is that we’ll see some higher and (hopefully) lower, depending on where you live.

  9. Harvey Fry says:

    it’s been out for a while in the UK at about (TWE+55.64 & RMW=56.48) GBP 56, ex-vat. when you account for the 7% less alcohol & add the shipping cost, you’re looking at $110+, there. for low to mid price, widely distributed stuff= things like Laphroaig, i find they generally go on the shelf here (Washington, D.C. area) for from 5 to 20% less, depending of course on the particular retailer. if you’re patient & shop around, i’d bet you’ll be able to get it for around $100 in a lot of places.
    if you have to wait for a sale, remind yourself of the previous older-younger WDJK question & the consolation that the 10 year old (55.7%) cask strength is both a better dram & a better value at a li’l’more’n half the price^

  10. Tim Puett says:

    So far in California, I’ve seen the 18 for as low as $119.99 (Beltramos) and as high as $149.99 (local store).

    Hopefully, it’ll be at Whisky Fest, and I can try before I buy.

  11. WHISKYhost says:

    @ Tim: Yep, Beltramo’s have both the Laphroaig 18 and Ardbeg Supernova for that price ($120). I’m also going to get the Oban 18 ($140) from them soon.

  12. patrick says:

    Personally, I tend to prefer the 15 YO over the 18 YO, too much vanilla (first fill bourbon cask) to my taste. In any case, the price increase is fair compared to the 15 YO (+20% for 3 years extra and 5% abv more)

  13. smsmmns says:

    Tried it on Dr Whisky on Monday and it was delicious. Patrick is right about rich vanillins, but too much? Not for my taste.

    Look forward to seeing what price tag it gets once it lands on these shores…

  14. Buy the 15 before it’s gone.

    The 18 is less complex, lighter, thinner, less peaty, not as good, no matter what you pay.

  15. Tim Puett says:

    @WHISKYhost: Ken at Beltramo’s is a top notch guy, and you should stop in to see him if you’re ever in the area. I just looked at those bottles last week…nice wall of Scotch they have, and the Laph 18 does look nice.

  16. warpedale says:

    This online store in Jackson Hole has it for $71 a bottle (plus shipping), so it comes out to about $90 with Fedex freight:

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