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New: The Glenlivet Nádurra Triumph 1991

August 14th, 2009

This just in, and coming to the U.S.: The Glenlivet Nádurra Triumph 1991, a unique, limited-edition single malt made exclusively from Triumph barley and from stocks distilled in 1991.

Details to follow.

8 Responses to “New: The Glenlivet Nádurra Triumph 1991”

  1. Yossi says:

    The standard Nádurra is Sofa King good, can’t wait to try this one! Looking forward to more details.

  2. MrTH says:

    Will the Glenlivet Nadurra Norton and the Glenlivet Nadurra 1953 Vincent Black Lightning follow?

  3. Jon W says:

    I’m am psyched for this one. The standard cask strength Nadurra is one of my favorite standards. The batches I’ve tried have ranged from excellent to superb.

    I’m assuming that “limited” edition means I need to start saving my $$.

  4. John Hansell says:

    Sounds exciting. Can’t wait to try it too! There’s a press dinner in NYC in early September. I suspect the product will be released shortly after that. Stay tuned.

  5. patrick says:

    Will it be an US exclusivity?

  6. John Hansell says:

    Don’t know yet. Still haven’t received any press release–or sample.

  7. […] first blogged about this here back in August. Now I have more details. It’s The Glenlivet Nadurra Triumph. This one is aged […]

  8. Richie Burrows says:

    Consumers of Glenlivet should be aware of the following:

    For me, this process is certainly NOT traditional. When asked, Chivas Brothers Pernod Ricard (the distillers parent company) come back with “smoke and mirrors”. They decline any requests for further information and clearly do not want it to be a topic for discussion. For this reason, I would give Glenlivet a miss

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