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New Highland Park “Hjarta” single malt

August 17th, 2009

There’s a new Highland Park. Details are below from my press release. I also received a review sample, so I’ll let you know my thoughts after I taste it.

Hjarta is a natural strength 12 year old Highland Park expression available only from the distillery, in our on-line shop and in Scandinavia, limited to approximately 3,900 bottles. Orkney has never forgotten its Scandinavian heritage; Hjarta is the ancient Norse word for ‘heart’ and the whisky has been launched to mark the total refurbishment of our visitor centre, itself a celebration of the rich history of the Islands. The whisky has been created by Max MacFarlane, Whisky Maker, and is bottled at 58.1% ABV. Price: 65 Pounds.

10 Responses to “New Highland Park “Hjarta” single malt”

  1. Red_Arremer says:

    Man, can’t wait to try this! We really don’t see enough cask strength bottlings from HP, especially at younger ages.

  2. Red_Arremer says:

    But oops– I guess I won’t be tring it after all… just noticed the info about availability (ordinary citizens can’t mail order liquor in Mass).

  3. Harvey Fry says:

    Red, for once, i agree (about HP cask strengths) with you.

    don’t give up on getting a bottle, though= both TWE ( & TWB ( sometimes get things that are supposed to be available at the distillery only, as well as stuff that is scheduled for limited disttribution in specific markets other than the UK. TWE usually puts them up at reasonable prices. more often than not, TWB asks for a fairly high premium.

    also, there’s the potential advantage of having the substantial distribution in (all 4?) Scandinavian countries. between the UK & there, the supply chain could be leaky. & since it just surfaced, i for one will be going straight to HP when i visit those sites. if you don’t already know & do this, you might try it. it’s been my experience that these specialty retailers often post new additions to their inventory in the usual places BEFORE they show up in their new products listings. &, since they get precious few copies, they can easily be SOLD OUT before the lazy shopper even knows they’ve come & gone.

    BTW, Serge has already posted a review of the product on

  4. Harvey Fry says:

    Red, oops, your Ma. disability just registered in my (often lagging behind my mouth) brain= sorry. also BTW, Serge answered us AGAIN on the entry about the chat with Jim Murray.

  5. B.J. Reed says:

    Had the 12 YO cask strength bottling from the distillery in 2001 (55.7 – 2000 bottles) and it wasn’t anything to write home about – Still, hard not to like Highland Park and even their less impressive bottlings are more impressive than most.

    Will hopefully get to sample this one soon – If not we will be at the distillery in March of 2010 and will try it then!

  6. Sam S. says:

    Red, same here.
    Can’t ship anything into AZ.
    The distributors are in bed with the politicians.

  7. Neil Fusillo says:

    Same in Georgia. No shipping in. I’ve found the odd retailer or two that will ignore those rules, but I won’t name them because I want them to stay in business.

    However, the likelihood that they’ll get this is slim to none. Maybe it’ll show up on eBay for six times the asking price, as whiskies often do.

  8. Red_Arremer says:

    Indeed Neil, as whiskies often do…

  9. John Hansell says:

    Yeah, it’s great that they’re coming out with this whisky. But it’s unfortunate that it’s distribution is so limited.

  10. Tony Menechella says:

    Red, Sam, Neil
    Kentucky is the same with regards to shipping, but I’ve always received shipments from TWE, and everyone else abroad. Just an FYI.

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