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Review: Bladnoch, John MacDougall’s Selection 16 yr. old

August 25th, 2009

John MacDougall’s Selection (distilled at Bladnoch), 16 year old, 55.8%), $120
Bright gold color, and bright in flavor too. Very much in the Bladnoch style, with  honey-kissed lemon, tangerine, kiwi, creamy vanilla, lightly toasted marshmallow, marzipan, cut grass, and hay. Richly textured for a lowland, and palate-coating (a tad oily, too!). The extra years have added some depth, while still retaining a youthful zest. Very enjoyable.

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 87

7 Responses to “Review: Bladnoch, John MacDougall’s Selection 16 yr. old”

  1. Roy Arguello says:

    No picture of the hooch?

    Its always nice not to hear the word “peat” in a whiskey review. At least in my opinion. I’m not a fan of that smoke flavor, its almost chipotle like in its, unmistakable flavor. I mean that in a very bad, curdle my tongue way.

    thanks John

  2. John Hansell says:

    Hi Roy, I’m out of town and will be back home this weekend. I’ll post up a picture of it when I get back. This is definitely not a smoky whisky, so you might like this one. I know I have seen it for sale at some of the speciatly retailers here in the U.S.

  3. monique at the dell says:

    Ever since we had the pleasure of visiting Ray at Bladnoch in May, I have been tasting all that I can get my hands on. Hopefully, we can (hint hint) get some additional American distribution for his fine collection of whiskies, I can’t wait to try MacDougall’s!

  4. Red_Arremer says:

    I had no idea that they were doing another one of these and I can’t wait to pick up a bottle!

    My girlfriend bought me a bottle of the John MacDougall 15 year old Bladnoch for my birthday a bit ago. I’ve been rationing it carefully. My notes on it basically agree with your notes on the 16, John, except that I also found it suprisingly spicy and oaky.

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  6. John M says:

    Bladnoch is a lovely distillery, with a real family feel to it. You get a very personal service there, and they produce some lovely whiskey. Picked up a 19 year old recently from the distillery shop (online) that was beautiful.

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