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Looking for value in single malts? Here are three!

September 3rd, 2009

Some of you have been asking for me to review and/or recommend whiskies that are really good values (and not just the really fancy expensive ones). Well, here are three new ones from Gordon & MacPhail. I don’t have time to conduct formal reviews, but I have tasted all three on multiple occasions and think they are good whiskies (I would rate them in the low to mid 80s) at a good price.

The MacPhails Collection (Distilled at Highland Park), 8 years old, 43%

The MacPhails Collection (Distilled at Glenrothes), 8 years old, 43%

The MacPhails Collection (Distilled at Tamdhu), 8 years old, 43%

The typical price range, according to the importer here in the U.S., will be $33-35. However, they also informed me that in some markets you might see them priced under $30. A good single malt for under $30? Now that’s value!

7 Responses to “Looking for value in single malts? Here are three!”

  1. gal says:

    i’d like to point out also the Bowmore Legend (NAS). while it is a young malt (no age statement) , it’s a very enjoyable one. amazing finish, and great peat smoke ash taste. it’s a bargain and can be bought in the US for 20$ or so…
    hard to beat for value per buck.

    what say you?

  2. Red_Arremer says:

    People who don’t have much to money to spend tend not to take chances with products they don’t know about. As a result values in limited release (often independently bottled) whiskies often get missed by the people who need them most. So these are some nice recommendations.

    How about adding a small simple section to this site to cover value whiskies?

  3. H.Diaz says:

    Global recession or no recession, with so much to choose from, always looking for more bang for my buck. Thanks, John.

  4. Todd says:

    G&m has done a terrific job with this age and format in the past. I had the good fortune to taste a McPhails 8 yo Highland Park bottled sometime in 1970s and it was great! And if the cask quality of the older statements released a few years earlier for Glenrothes and Tamdhu (the 30 year olds) are any indication, these should be good as well.

    My current bang-for-the-buck award goes to Finlaggan Old Reserve for $17.99. It tastes like Caol Ila. It is a good affordable dram.

  5. Stravaiger says:

    These values are extraordinary, hope to see them in NYC soon and try them out! Wow.

  6. Red_Arremer says:

    Just tasted all of these yesterday afternoon. As you say John, they’re all good.

  7. MRK says:

    I think that rating a lower priced whisky is great. I have often wondered why more miniature bottles are not offered, the airplane size. I would rather pay five bucks for one than forty-fifty or maybe sixty and not like what I bought.

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